How To Create & Take Meeting Notes

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Taking better notes is a key business skill that will improve your communication with coworkers and clients while also creating a meaningful record of knowledge for yourself and others. Whether you are taking notes for internal meetings, clients, or something else, it is crucial to have some form of documentation of what was discussed or agreed on. Meeting notes help create a tangible record of something that can be looked back upon when necessary. What are meeting notes? Meeting notes are exactly what they sound like, notes for the meeting. They serve as a quick reference to some important topics that came up during the meeting. These notes can refer to goals, obstacles, objectives, deadlines, and ideas that were brought up. They don’t have to cover every single thing that happened during the meeting. However, they should focus on anything you find essential that you and your coworkers or clients [...]

How To Handle Returning To Work

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How do employees feel about coming back to the office? Nervous, excited, worried? What’s your plan for keeping people safe and keeping your business profitable? There is a divide between returning to the office and working from home. Understanding the landscape today – and how it’s likely to evolve – is key for businesses wondering what to do next. In the coming weeks, as restrictions will start to loosen, companies around the world will start to bring people back into the workplace. There will be some that will be happy to be out of their homes, while others will be anxious to return. Below are some thoughts on what companies can do in the short term to prepare for a return to the office to ease your anxiety: Optimize the current experience When some or all of the current employees cannot be together physically, it is important to maximize the [...]

What is Coworking Office Space?

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  Coworking: The Who, What, Why & Where for Startups & Entrepreneurs As a marketer one of my prime resources for promoting all our products are the questions that potential clients ask about our services. Since coworking is a new offering in the flexible workspace category that we didn’t have a lot of questions about, I used a tool which identifies the questions in the suggestions that users get when they enter search terms into Google. The best content that I can add to a site is content that answers questions our website visitors may have about our offerings. Coworking: What Does It Mean? Easily the $64 question as even the spelling is disputed as to whether it is coworking or co-working. What it means depends on who you’re asking. To some users it means: All non-traditional office space (flexible workspace) A workplace design and environment Office space with themed […]

Horsemen coming? Don’t Panic

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Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are three of four harbingers of ill omen. The fourth is more of a following spirit made up of innumerable desperate decisions. It’s called Panic. They are social and economic contagions and though they spread at different times and rates, they tend to follow the same directions and end up in the same foul and musty places. The markets are all over the map this morning but investors surfed through two days of serious uncertainty yesterday and on Monday. The scariest part in the aftermath is thinking about who, or more precisely, what market managers blamed for the sharpest decline on the Dow since 2008. Algorithmic trading and the arbitrage found in between where numbers fall. Trading sophistication so enormous and virtually unpredictable in its scope and decisiveness was fingered as the driving force in the greatest market correction since the international financial system was threatened […]

The Report

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The body of the report spanned thirty pages alone, perhaps more. Every minute detail, every compromise decision, every last mistake was supposed to be laid bare and spelled out for the entire world, and more importantly those who held the IT and marketing teams accountable, to see. Because the material ventured into highly technical information understood by only a fraction of the people who would read it, an equally lengthy glossary of terms accompanied it, along with an appendix filled with expanded diagrams, graphs, and charts, most of which couldn’t be made to fit properly in the body of the report itself. Oddly enough, nobody in the chain of people who received the report felt in the least worried about the findings. Even the developers, those poor souls whose work was being dissected and judged, were happy to receive it. No matter what, they could blame the hapless folk in […]

The Joy of Interesting Times

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“I didn’t want to live in interesting times!” says the graffiti scrawled on a fence at Bloor and Bedford Rd. in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. All times are interesting for the curious mind but some times are more interesting than others. These are most certainly some of those times. Every day, new names get added to the unseen wall of shame in a movement that isn’t waiting quietly while suffering silently any more.  Hundreds of prominent and powerful people (the staggeringly vast majority of whom are sectorialy powerful men), and enormous business empires are being challenged or destroyed altogether by the unforeseen consequences of people talking openly about their public and private behaviours. Revolutions are intensely interesting. This post might be about predators like Harvey Weinstein, but it might also be about Tim Horton’s. Nobody wants to live in interesting times. So many things happen in rushes of emotion and they […]

An Era of Unlimited Rhino Horns

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We have entered the era of unlimited replica rhino horns. I’m not sure I’ve ever written as silly a serious sentence but it is true. In an interesting attempt to discourage the ivory trade, a Seattle based biotech firm named Pembient has created a synthetic rhinoceros horn using keratin and a 3D printer.  Keratin is the substance hair, fingernails, and rhino horns are made of.  The goal is to produce a biofabricated horn that is indistinguishable from the real thing on all but a cellular level and to thus save the endangered rhinoceros. Welcome to 2018, the year of good people doing good things with the grace of knowledge, talent and technology available to them. This might seem redundant but it is constantly amazing how much knowledge and technology is available for free to anyone with an Internet connection. One can earn a university level education by taking courses available […]

Why the Sudden Changes with the Web?

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These might be the waning days of the new economy created by the digital communications revolution. For the better part of the last three decades every aspect of our culture has been altered, accelerated, surpassed, and often destroyed by the Internet and most importantly, by the Internet’s favourite four letter F word, F-R-E-E. It’s been a wild ride but it was never really sustainable. Along the way, we’ve devalued our recent cultural creations and made it far harder for artists to scrape out a semblance of a decent living. A recent story in The New Yorker magazine, “Who Owns the Internet?” outlined the experience of Levon Helm, drummer for the seminal rock group The Band. After The Band broke up and Helm retired from rock music, he was living a comfortable life on royalty cheques from the tens of millions of times The Band’s music was purchased, played on radio, […]

On Killing the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

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Trump appointed Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, is about to cancel the Obama era protection that regulates the Internet as a public utility in the United States. The end of an open and free era will soon be behind us. Sometimes people confuse theory and ideology with tradition and practicality. This mistake usually leads to disastrous outcomes. Human societies have existed for thousands of years and have evolved over time to think, act, and function in ways that tend to be the most efficient and useful, hopefully for the largest number of people. They might structure around different systems but systems that work are invented, innovated on and evolve and to help people survive. In North America, we have representative democracies. Modern democratic societies are built of and by people. They are you and you can know them if you want to. Opportunities for the advancement and betterment of […]

Electric and Autonomous and Barreling into the Ways We Do Business

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There are a few baseline industries that are so critical to the overall infrastructure of a nation that any change in those industries can have profound effects on the overall economy. Home building is a well known example. Another is transportation and shipping. Even minor changes in either of these industries can cause unanticipated ripples to roll over other areas of productivity. Over the coming ten years, the Canadian logistics and shipping industries will change very quickly. These changes will, in turn, have remarkable implications on the greater Canadian economy. What will emerge will be a far more efficient, safe, and cost effective transportation industry but one that produces substantially fewer employment opportunities. This week’s public introduction of Elon Musk’s long distance electric transport truck, one that comes with a driverless option, alters a number of equations the Canadian economy is built upon. Minutes after Musk introduced the trucks, the […]

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