Will Flexible Workspaces Disrupt the Traditional Satellite and Branch Office Markets?

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In our introductory post to Flex space solutions post “Flexible Workspace what is it and who benefits?” we explained flex space refers to office space provided outside the “conventional lease” markets. In Toronto, this includes coworking space, most business centres and shared office space providers. As corporate businesses learn more about how the flex space networking culture and entrepreneurial environment affects their employees and see the results, flexible workspace has the makings of becoming a long-term trend in this segment of the office space market. When you dig, you see there is far more driving the move to a flexible workspace by corporations than to a cheap office space. Why Flexible Workspace is Tailor Made for Satellite and Branch Offices To move employees from corporate headquarters to a satellite or branch office requires a lot of time and energy from managers and support workers to procure, furnish, decorate, and outfit an office space with […]

Shared Office Space Toronto

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Shared office space in Toronto can come in several forms with a variety of payment terms, overhead and types of office space being shared. The list includes: Coworking office space Traditional office space where 2 or more businesses share the office expense Semi-private Office in a Business Centre where 2 businesses share an office Team office space is a larger office shared by several employees of a single business Flexible workspaces The Pros and Cons of Coworking Shared office Space Coworking office space is like a business centre that charges a monthly membership fee rather than a monthly rental fee. More networking opportunities are perceived to be one of the advantage, however, at telsec we have seen that there is also a sense of community and collaboration in our business centre. The biggest advantage that coworking provides is in the low costs and use of shared business equipment and support […]

How & Why Big Business Will Drive Coworking Office Space Growth

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  Coworking & Flexible Workspace: Will It Be the Death of Traditional Offices? Since coworking and flexible workspace became a trend a few years ago, office space design has been the subject of much speculation and discussion. Business sites like Inc., Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review and Forbes have featured numerous articles about the latest and greatest coworking/flexible office space designs, and of course, we at Telsec Business Centres have discussed alternative office space options for several years now, as providing office space in its many variations is both our specialty and service. Here we continue the conversation about coworking and flexible workspace from the perspective that not only does it make good business sense for entrepreneurs, startups and SME businesses, but it also represents a cost-effective solution for corporations and larger businesses. In fact, corporate and larger businesses will be the driving force behind the growth of coworking/flexible workspace, as […]

Alternative Office Space: A Better Way to Conduct Your Business

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  Why Home Offices Should Move to an Alternative Office Space It’s true: working from the comfort of your home may be an idyllic scenario for those who are self-employed, or for online entrepreneurs running a small business with only a handful of remote employees. Depending on where you live, a home office can also spare you the time, expense and hassle of a commute. However, it’s also true that working from home has its drawbacks — and many more than you might expect, if not already experienced. Here, we explore why you should move your office from your home to an alternative office space, such as a shared, traditional (private or semi-private), or coworking space — or at the very least, consider renting a virtual office. De-Romanticizing the Home Office: A Reality Check When discussing their decision to move their business from a home office to a private or […]

Changing Needs of Coworking Space in 2018

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Coworking space has evolved to mean much more than simply shared office space. While coworking office space is an accessible and affordable alternative to renting a traditional commercial office space, lower operational cost is no longer its strongest selling point. As noted in our previous article about the changing needs of coworking space in 2017, small business owners and entrepreneurs are now seeking a sense of community with other like-minded professionals. So what makes for a sense of “community”? For some small business owners, it may mean an environment that fosters professional networking, or alleviates the isolation of an individual or home office. For others, it may mean working alongside those sharing an industry or vocation, such as tech development or remote freelancing. For still others, it may mean a sense of exclusivity, such as coworking spaces that are solely dedicated to women. Regardless of what it may mean to […]

Flexible Workspace: What is it and Who Benefits?

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I recently read an interesting Flexible Workspace Study about how flex space is perceived by end users; individuals responsible for procuring office space for their companies; coworking and serviced office providers and landlords. The survey was not huge as the study describes its composition as being “The survey was sent to over 500 people across the industry.”. However, combined with my experiences here at Telsec Business Centres for going on 4 years and as an end user I’d agree with much of what the study shows as the benefits of the workplace environment for workers and organizations. What is Flexible Workspace or Flex Space? Flexible workspace: the term the industry uses to refer to any type of space outside of the conventional lease market. Identifying the different types of respondents included excellent definitions for coworking; serviced offices; hybrid office providers which are office space providers with a mix of coworking and serviced office space and flexible workspace which includes all […]

Flexible Office Space is not Just About the Terms and Size of the Office

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Often when we have talked about flexible office space, we have referred to the flexibility in the lease term and the size of the office. We have also talked about the fact that renting office space in an office business centre and having options such as short-term rentals and the ability to upgrade to a larger office or move into a smaller office in the location is ideal – without having to change your address or business telephone number. But we now want to talk about the other ways a business centre can be flexible. One way is the a-la-carte services they offer as well as the physical size and configuration of the actual office space. But often that is not enough for some small businesses. More needs to be done, so some office business centres offer ways of sharing office space and co-working office solutions. While co-working offices may […]

Flexible Office Space Solutions are not new at Telsec

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The new buzzword in office rentals is “Flexible.” But flexible office space solutions are not new at Telsec. Since 1980 we have been offering flexible office space to entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large businesses that needed a serviced office without all the problems of a traditional raw office space. In this blog entry we will discuss the various ways that Telsec is flexible, including: size and types of offices; length of rental agreement; included services and a-la-cart services; and telephone and mail options. Having over 100 different offices in various sizes and configurations allows tenants the flexible options they want in terms of the type of office that best suits their needs. For businesses who want a prestigious executive office with a city view or a view of the Toronto harbour and Lake Ontario, they can find suites as low as $799 per month and larger corner offices for […]

Flexible Downtown Toronto Office Space

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So you’re browsing the internet for an office rental Toronto and/or downtown Toronto office rental. Toronto and the downtown core have literally hundreds of offices for rent, but unfortunately, many are either well beyond an individual’s budget – or they lack ease of accessibility and therefore involve hours of travelling time and daily aggravation. But if you indeed have finally found a great location, your search for flexible downtown Toronto office space is only just beginning. You don’t have to blow your budget! When searching for Toronto office suites for rent, the factor of cost simply cannot be overlooked. That’s where flexibility comes in. Flexible downtown Toronto office space should offer you a variety of options suited to your business routines and your budget. In other words, your chosen office space Toronto should include these options: Lavish, elegantly-appointed, private executive offices Smaller, less costly office space rental units that are just as […]

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