Time to start looking professional and ditch the pajamas

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With today's technology, working from home is much easier than it was 5 or 10 years ago. But is working from home always best for your small business? Yes, it’s convenient to begin your working day and not even have to get out of your pajamas in the morning. And while many small businesses get their start by working out of their homes, as their businesses mature and becomes full-time ventures, working from home is not always best in terms of reflecting a professional appearance and stability. Even having a more ‘business-like’ address is better than using your home address. One of the first steps that many small businesses are taking, is to move out of their homes and into an office that doesn’t always require a physical space. Today, small businesses have many options to have a professional address, but where to start and where expansion can take place [...]

How & Why Big Business Will Drive Coworking Office Space Growth

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  Coworking & Flexible Workspace: Will It Be the Death of Traditional Offices? Since coworking and flexible workspace became a trend a few years ago, office space design has been the subject of much speculation and discussion. Business sites like Inc., Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review and Forbes have featured numerous articles about the latest and greatest coworking/flexible office space designs, and of course, we at Telsec Business Centres have discussed alternative office space options for several years now, as providing office space in its many variations is both our specialty and service. Here we continue the conversation about coworking and flexible workspace from the perspective that not only does it make good business sense for entrepreneurs, startups and SME businesses, but it also represents a cost-effective solution for corporations and larger businesses. In fact, corporate and larger businesses will be the driving force behind the growth of coworking/flexible workspace, as […]

What is flexible working?

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How flexible is your work space? Let’s first discuss what flexible working is. Flexible working can mean a variety of things to different businesses. It could refer to hours of operation, accessibility, size of your office or even the location of your office space. Office space can be a drain on resources for start-up companies. Most landlords demand 3-5 year lease terms and personal guarantees when securing an office. With most traditional office spaces, you only get access for a limited amount of the day and only Monday to Friday. In a flexible office working situation, you get 24-hour access every day of the week (including holidays). Having flexible access whenever you need it, gives you and your business much more flexibility. For example, you can decide when to work and when you must service your customers’ needs. This also allows you to give your employees more flexible working hours […]

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