Why the Sudden Changes with the Web?

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These might be the waning days of the new economy created by the digital communications revolution. For the better part of the last three decades every aspect of our culture has been altered, accelerated, surpassed, and often destroyed by the Internet and most importantly, by the Internet’s favourite four letter F word, F-R-E-E. It’s been a wild ride but it was never really sustainable. Along the way, we’ve devalued our recent cultural creations and made it far harder for artists to scrape out a semblance of a decent living. A recent story in The New Yorker magazine, “Who Owns the Internet?” outlined the experience of Levon Helm, drummer for the seminal rock group The Band. After The Band broke up and Helm retired from rock music, he was living a comfortable life on royalty cheques from the tens of millions of times The Band’s music was purchased, played on radio, […]

The Great Acceleration or, How Sophia Got Its Groove

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This week, October 26, 2017 to be precise, the universe changed forever. A new era started and our way of life as labour officially started its end phase. All eras start with a moment in time when something happened that changed our perspectives so thoroughly we would never understand the world around us the same way again. As noted by British historian James Burke, there are days that change the universe as we know it. Earlier this week, the human race truly entered the Robotics Era. Sophia, a robot designed and developed by Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics, was granted legal citizenship by Saudi Arabia, a sovereign state. The implications are incredible, so much so that this is the leading edge of a wave that will alter our ideas about everything we do as a society. Sophia is very life like, so much so it could be mistaken for a […]

Amazon Announces Search for Second North American Headquarters

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The news broke late enough in the day that civic leaders across North America called in their economic development staff for emergency meetings. Amazon announced yesterday it was seeking a second headquarters in North America and any city with a planning department suddenly wanted in on the mega growth promised by the monolithic Internet retailer. An Amazon expansion doesn’t just bring jobs; it creates its own economic sector and reshapes large parts of the city and region. Toronto is considered among the most likely to be selected. To run a Seattle-sized headquarters and fulfilment center, Amazon will need somewhere near 50,000 workers with skill-sets ranging from white color corporate executives, mathematical virtuosos, and robotics experts to warehouse foremen, forklift operators, stock pickers, and an even larger fleet of truck drivers. That’s a lot of people with a lot of different types of education, training, and certification. Toronto is easily able […]