Downsizing Your Toronto Office Space? Telsec Can Help!

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Is your business looking at downsizing your Toronto office space? Telsec can help you to do it right. Sometimes business entrepreneurs realize that they may have too much office space and too much administrative  duties being performed at a central office space, but they do not know their options. Recently a new prospect that currently has a an office space for lease Toronto in the same building, but on a different floor, visited Telsec. They wanted to find out what they could gain by downsizing their office and moving to a Toronto serviced office space. They had 16 staff members, many of whom were able to work remotely from home. They were considering a smaller office space that would only have 2 or 3 staffers manage the office and have the remaining staff work from home and only occasionally come into their office. The main reason they looked at Telsec was because […]

A Good Toronto Office Space Business Address is a Good thing to keep

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From time to time a business will leave an office space for many reasons, but the last thing some Toronto office space renters want to do is to give up a prime business address. One of Telsec’s long time clients is moving their physical offices out to the suburbs in order for the owner to be closer to his home that is about 50 km from downtown Toronto. Instead of changing their head office address or telephone number, they have decided to give up their executive office space Toronto and keep renting a Toronto shared office space. How does this work? Well, they are simply downsizing and moving staff to another location. Their mail will still be addressed to their downtown office space location and forwarded to their suburban location on a weekly basis (or a staff member can pick it up when they are downtown visiting a client or […]

The most affordable office space Toronto has to offer

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So you’re setting up a home office or have already started operating out of your house, condo or apartment. Chances are that in the long run, you’ll save money. But at what cost? And are the savings really that substantial compared to an office for rent Toronto? What is the most affordable office space Toronto has to offer? Because of ongoing competition amongst landlords, some Toronto executive offices are more than affordable and offer many perks (such as free daily newspaper, complimentary tea, coffee, filtered water and incoming faxes) which offset any financial gains you may be enjoying in your home office. Yes, you may be saving on transportation costs and rent by working from your home, but to be fair, you’re still paying for phones, faxes, internet, heat/air conditioning and so on. Also, you can write off your monthly rent as a business expense in any Toronto office space. In […]

Office Space Toronto That Does Not Require a Truck

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The last thing you want to worry about when moving to a new office space is renting a truck to move furniture into your new office. Why not look at office space Toronto that does not require a truck to move in? You can have office space that comes already furnished with modern office furniture that includes a desk, a table, chairs, filing cabinets and even book shelves if you want them. When talking to people who were looking at relocating offices to downtown Toronto office space, most often they wanted to move into office space Toronto that does not require a truck. They want to be able to simply carry a few boxes of files and their computers with them and have the office move-in done. They do not want the hassle of having to buy new furniture or have to move old furniture to a new office. Yes, […]

Great Office Space Toronto

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I am often asked what makes a great office space Toronto as opposed to just good Toronto office space. The answer is not as simple as comparing a Cadillac to a Mustang; it is not about comparing price or horsepower; it’s about comparing what works best for you and your organization. You should map out the features and benefits that you are looking for, so you are making choices based on your needs and not what is being offered by an office space Toronto Realtor. You first have to write down what your Toronto office space needs are. Do you need office space for 2 people or do you need office space for 50 people or more? Do you need an office space with existing telephone and internet infrastructure or do you need empty office space with a clean slate? Are you in need of furnished office space or will you be […]

Quality Toronto Executive Suites

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There are plenty of quality Toronto executive suites available; it is finding the one that best suites the needs and business demands of your organization that is important. Too often businesses look and find Toronto executive suites that they desire for purely aesthetics, without truly doing their research on how that office space Toronto suites their needs. While many will suggest using a commercial real estate professional in the search for quality Toronto executive suites, this may not yield the Toronto office space that you want. Professional commercial real estate brokers are primarily working for the property they have the contract for and less so for you the consumer (but that is another blog for another time). You need to do your own homework and write down your own needs and wants for your office space. Downtown Toronto office space is in abundance and the choices are many, but finding […]

Top Toronto Executive Offices

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To be amongst the top Toronto executive offices, you must have a host of perks and be located in an upscale and easily accessible area. And Telsec leads the way in Toronto executive offices’ locations and amenities. Let’s talk location. Since 1971, the Toronto Star Building has been a landmark in the downtown area. Not only is it a prestigious mailing address, but it’s just seconds away from GO, VIA Rail and subway transit. The Bay Street and Yonge Street buses stop right beside the building. You’re minutes from the Toronto Island Airport and there is an express bus nearby that will take you to Pearson International Airport. So, when you’re thinking of accessibility think first of a leader in this area – Telsec Business Centres. If you’re looking for the best in downtown, cost-efficient office space – the top Toronto executive offices – then look no further than Telsec […]

Royal Wedding Dress Replicas?

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Over the past few days there were lots of things in the news to talk about over the water cooler in the kitchen at the executive suites Toronto where I have my Toronto office space. You would expect people to be talking about the fact that Bin Laden is dead, the election results or the flooding caused by the Mississippi river, but instead everyone was talking about replicas of Royal Wedding dress are already being created. Just three days after Kate Middleton’s fairy-tale wedding to Prince William, replicas of her Alexander McQueen gown that was designed by Sarah Burton were already being showcased. It seems that one such designer Shala Moradi, who is the director of design for Faviana, a New York-based eveningwear company has had her team working around the clock to make a dress as close as possible as the original dress worn by Kate Middleton. Moradi claims […]

The Royal Wedding and Funny Hats at my Toronto Office Space

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It was not just any Friday morning at my downtown Toronto office space, it was Royal Wedding day. People got to the office early to watch the royal wedding live on TV and over the Internet. Some people took it to a different level by dressing up and wearing funny hats. When I arrived at the Toronto Star Building early this morning, I decided to first go to the cafeteria to see what breakfast special they were offering for the Royal Wedding. I was sadly disappointed that they were not offering bangers and mash until lunch time. I grabbed an English muffin from Tim Horton’s and went up to my office space Toronto for a complimentary coffee. Before leaving the cafeteria, I noticed that there were a group of women watching the Royal Wedding on TV wearing funny hats like so many of the women who were actually attending the […]

Quiting Smoking while being Sick, I become the Devil

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I am currently fighting a throat and ear infection that has made smoking painful… So I am taking this time to go Cold Turkey and quit smoking. It is not the easiest thing to do, but there is no better time to do it. Going through nicotine withdrawal while sick is a bit harder, yet easier at the same time.  I can take the medications the doctor has given me and spend most of my time sleeping instead of thinking of having a cigarette. The downfall is that I have become a real devil of a person to deal with. I have been fighting this bug for almost a week now, I finally realized how bad it was on Tuesday.  I had a meeting with a major client on Tuesday at my downtown Toronto office space, during the meeting the client pulled out a bottle of hand cleaner to wipe off his pen. I knew […]

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