Things you could have done in 2016 (and still can) to grow your business

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With only a month and a half left in 2016, there is still things you can do before years end that will help to grow your business in 2017. Most small business owners feel that they can not afford to lose a customer, but what if that customer is taking up most of your time or that of your staff (without paying more than other clients)? It might be time to fire those clients or customers whose business only causes daily stress to you and your team, this could free up more time for new customers who are less demanding and easier to deal with. While you are firing bad customers who are time wasters, you want to take that time and concentrate on reaching out to new prospects. You will be surprised how many customers you can get by cultivating your list of prospects on a regular basis, because […]

Top 10 Advantages of Renting Toronto Office Space from an All-in-One Business Centre  

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Many expanding businesses, start-ups, international businesses and even established larger forms are looking to downsize their real estate and office-space. They are turning to all-in-one serviced office business centres and executive offices for their businesses office needs. Business owners are realizing that, with an all-in-one business centre to fill their office needs, their company can see a significant amount of savings in all aspects of their total office expenses every month over traditional raw-office-space leases. Read on to discover the top 10 advantages of all-in-one office space for lease in Toronto. Professional Receptionist at Your Disposal If you’re a business start-up or are significantly downsizing your company, you’re probably operating with minimal office support staff. So why spend your money on hiring a receptionist when most all-in-one office business centres provide a live receptionist? You can have a professional receptionist answer all of your calls as you direct, without paying […]

Rotating CN Tower Office Space Toronto?

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I recently read about a restaurant barge in Cleveland, Ohio that is undergoing a massive renovation to re-purpose the vessel to become floating office space for its new corporate tenants. A Cleveland-based software firm called LeanDog is looking to be Cleveland’s first “office harbour” visionary to have their office on the water. The are not alone on this venture – it seems they will be joined by a marketing company on the former restaurant and the city hopes that the attention the concept is getting will attract the creative corporations who are looking for inspiring workspaces like this one. This inspired me to think of creative office space that Toronto could use. One thing is for sure, I could not imagine converting the former Captain John’s floating restaurant into Toronto executive offices. Besides, being too similar to what they are doing in Cleveland, it would not be an option price-wise for a small-to-medium sized […]

Snow Storms and Office Space Toronto

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Did you wake up this morning at your normal time and expect to get to work on time? Obviously you did not watch or listen to the weather forecast last night. Some call that “Not Doing Your Homework”; others will say that you planned on just plowing through because you have a vehicle to do it. What does this have to do with office space Toronto? You will see soon. I woke up this morning at 4 am to drive my girlfriend to her work (normally she takes public transit). We knew the roads would be difficult, especially with not having winter tires on my car. I kept the radio low (so as not to get distracted) and my speed down. I knew even without snow tires that I could get up to normal speeds, but I also knew the limitations of my car for stopping in such conditions. After […]

Is Your Office Space Password Strong?

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Keeping computer files, e-mails, financial information and other online activities safe from hackers is often a topic of conversation around the water cooler in many Toronto office spaces and other offices around the country.  As most people know, the first line of security is the password that is used on the computer as well as the passwords for e-mail and online sites. What most people do not realize is that there are passwords and there are strong pA$sw0rdZ. The object when choosing strong passwords for use on your executive suites Toronto computer or on the Internet is to make it as difficult as possible for a would-be cyber criminal or intruder to guess you passwords, whether it be by educated guesses from information they have accessed about the individual who created the password or automated attacks using algorithms. If the password on your office space Toronto computer is less than […]

What are Executive Suites Toronto?

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When most people hear the words executive suites Toronto” they think of offices for the chief executive officer or other senior executives. Often when small companies or entrepreneurs are looking for office space Toronto, they overlook locations offering executive suites Toronto because they assume that they will be expensive and just for corporate types. Executive suites Toronto are an excellent alternative to the traditional office for lease Toronto because you can rent them for however long you want – or as short as a single day. Many companies who have rented an executive suite for a daily office rental (to impress a client) have really enjoyed the arrangement. They decided they wanted either a full-time or part-time office and so have remained with a Toronto executive office branch for the flexibility. This kind of rental scheme has a variety of options designed to suit any company’s needs. For a very reasonable […]

When measuring your Toronto office space, try to discount 18 inches per measurement.

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I once heard an interior designer say that when buying furniture for your home, that you should measure the space you are buying the furniture for, and discount 18 inches per measurement to prevent the appearance of overcrowding and allow for better flow when the furniture is installed. The same thinking could also be used when planning your Toronto office space. You do not want to put people into an office where they feel that they are on top of each other. In a small office, you do not want a tight fit. You want to maximize the space, but you also want to give each person enough space to work comfortably. By discounting the 18 inches in your planning and best utilizing your office space Toronto, you will have an easier time fitting other additional items in the office space – items that you had not planned on including. […]

Maximizing cost savings on office space Toronto by considering an office business centre

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Currently, many companies are trying to reduce their office space Toronto needs by using less office space for each employee. The last economic downturn has prompted a lot of businesses large and small to re-evaluate their physical office space needs. Companies that need or want flexibility in Toronto office space are not finding it with traditional office space for lease Toronto  situations. As many companies financial staff will tell you, their office space Toronto for lease expenses are second only to employee salaries and wages in the company’s total annual budgeted costs. One way that these businesses are able to control office space costs is to have their office in an office business centre that offers them flexibility. Office business centres is not a new concept – in fact they have been serving small business for decades. In recent years more and more medium and large businesses have started to […]

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