51% of Canadian Businesses Report Cyber-Security Issues

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How secure is your business? What about the data you collect for business use, how secure is it? In the expanding digital age, the two questions are virtually one and the same. Most businesses are primarily made of data. Frighteningly, more than half of the 650 registered businesses surveyed by the Canadian Securities Administrators reported some sort of cyber-security incident in 2016. As an organization, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has good reason to be concerned about the state of cyber-security in Canada. The CSA is made up of regulators from the 10 provincial and 3 territorial securities commissions. Their goal is to improve, coordinate, and harmonize regulation of Canadian capital markets, administration of which is functionally left to each province or territory. It’s a safe extrapolation the CSA is considering mandating federal regulations around cyber-security for businesses across Canada. The most frequent attack reported was phishing. 43% of respondents […]

Five Very Short Stories about Very Big Data

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Big Data and Small Business – Part 1 Big Data sounds like a mighty big buzzword for those who don’t understand what the buzzword means. Simply put, big data is all about our rapidly growing abilities to record, store, and compare increasingly vast amounts of information. Though the concept of big data is over fifty years old, the reality of being able to track and analyse the habits of individuals amongst extremely large groups of people with hyper-accuracy is closer to fifteen. For the last decade and a half we have been able to peer into each other’s lives in ways that have the power to significantly improve the tenor of human experience but have fundamentally changed our ideas and ideals around personal privacy. Globally popular tools such as Google and Facebook have spent a decade or more recording human wants and desires from all parts of the Earth. Each […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Your Business

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On Halloween 2008, just over a month after global financial crisis began on September 29, a person, or group of persons published a research paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The research paper demonstrated how a digital payment system without any form of central control could be mounted on an uncrackable publically distributed ledger system known as blockchain. Less than three months later, it was released as open source software and Nakamoto’s invention became a reality. Called a “cryptocurrency”, Bitcoin operates without administrators or a central repository of funds. It can be exchanged for goods and services or converted to other forms of money such as a national currency. It functions as real money in both legal and black markets around the world. According to a 2017 study conducted by Cambridge University, upwards of 5.8million people use cryptocurrencies, the vast majority of which […]

The Numbers Game of Networking

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Everyone’s world revolves on an axis of networks. In business, government, or academia, those networks scale much larger but in the end, most human endeavour centers around well established networks of trusted friends, colleagues, associates, and contacts. If you need a babysitter, chances are you call one the teenage child of a friend. When deciding on a restaurant to take our families to, we rely on the recommendations of friends and associates. When seeking essential service providers like a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, we tend to ask our contacts about their personal experiences. Beyond recommendation websites like Yelp or local search engines like Google, humans rely on the wisdom, experience, and assistance of others in many facets of our lives. Building one’s networks is often a difficult challenge. Much like high school or university friendships, one’s business networks will serve to define one’s character, access to opportunities, and overall resourcefulness, likely for […]

Can corporate use coworking space to accelerate growth, innovation and collaboration?

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When most people think of coworking office space, they usually think of a large open space filled with millennials, freelancers, one-person or two-person small businesses and start-ups looking to get off the ground. Some small business owners and corporate business executives might be a little concerned by the fact that their employees are hanging out with other businesses’ employees and holding sensitive telephone conversations just a few feet away from a potential competitor or someone looking for a new idea. Along with worrying about how employees are using their time, corporate privacy, intellectual property loss and potential security issues are some of the reasons why many corporations have been reluctant to place their team or a sub-team from utilizing coworking space. The problem is that forward-thinking team managers see the benefits of using a coworking space for creative teams to thrive, despite the perceived risks that may or may not […]

Types of entrepreneurs: What type are you?

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Seniorpreneurs, Youngpreneurs, Minipreneurs, Mompreneur, Innerpreneur, Extrapreneur, Intrapreneur and Wantepreneur. What kind of entrepreneur best describes you? At Telsec Business Centres, we have a wide variety of professionals, including small businesses, large business, branches and entrepreneurs that either rent office space from us or have virtual offices. Someone asked us to define an entrepreneur, but in trying to define what one is, we found that there seems to be various types of entrepreneurs. Each type of entrepreneur has its own definition, so we decided to share the various types of entrepreneurs rather than create one generic definition. Let’s start off with Innerpreneur. These types of entrepreneurs are people who find their inspiration within themselves and start their businesses as a way to achieve their personal growth, rather than that of the company or corporation. Innerpreneurs are driven by a strong purpose and find their personal fulfillment and satisfaction through their work. […]

Women Entrepreneurs and the Challenges They Face

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For the past several years, women entrepreneurs have become the fastest growing segment of the small business community. Although creating businesses at this fast pace, there are some significant roadblocks that women business owners have to face that are different than their male counterparts. Women still face the same challenges as their male counterparts, but sometimes they face challenges that men do not have to overcome. When it comes to catching up with their male counterparts, women have made great strides in the business world over the past 30 years. But today’s women entrepreneurs still experience a few major obstacles. Within today’s business world, women’s opinions and advice are still not always viewed as “expert” compared to that of a man. This gender bias is huge hurdle that many long-time women business owners still face – even when they have out-performed men in the same industry. It is not just […]

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