How To Handle Returning To Work

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How do employees feel about coming back to the office? Nervous, excited, worried? What’s your plan for keeping people safe and keeping your business profitable? There is a divide between returning to the office and working from home. Understanding the landscape today – and how it’s likely to evolve – is key for businesses wondering what to do next. In the coming weeks, as restrictions will start to loosen, companies around the world will start to bring people back into the workplace. There will be some that will be happy to be out of their homes, while others will be anxious to return. Below are some thoughts on what companies can do in the short term to prepare for a return to the office to ease your anxiety: Optimize the current experience When some or all of the current employees cannot be together physically, it is important to maximize the [...]

Things are changing around Yonge and Queen’s Quay – but Telsec is here to stay

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If you haven't been down to the Harbourfront area of Toronto in a while, you'll be quite surprised at all of the changes that are happening from Yonge Street to Parliament Street along Queen's Quay. While new buildings like Corus Quay (home of Corus Entertainment’s Radio, TV and educational content creations) and George Brown College have been completed for several years at their Sugar Beach location, more buildings are going up on the same property. Several new condos have also been completed and people have moved into the area west of the Redpath Sugar complex. And, more are being built. There are also plenty of other mixed-use buildings under construction along the north side of Queen's Quay. With all the development that's underway and more development planned for an area that was traditionally shipping docks, warehouses and light manufacturing, this growing area has truly come into its own as a [...]

Location, location, location! We’ve said it’s important so many times!

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While a good office/business location is often emphasized and often even preached, have you really thought about the way your business location has affected the bottom line of your small business? One of our largest office space competitors, Regus, did some research on the topic of location that we thought we should share with our readers. Yes, Regus wants our location. But Telsec is not going to give up the number one address on Canada’s most famous street, One Yonge Street, where many businesses want to be located. So, Regus surveyed 19,000 business owners and found that more than 80% of those who responded stated that “customer retention rates can be increased by greater physical proximity to customers.” Almost as many respondents (78%) also said that “physical closeness to customers also helps solve customer problems and improve customer satisfaction levels.” If your customers are seeing a business address that is […]

Reasons why it may be time to abandon your current office space

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Technology is evolving and changing rapidly. And perhaps the way the staff of your small business is working, has been evolving too! The Internet and access to Wifi are changing where work can be done. These factors and other technology are re-shaping the needs of business for traditional office space. Traditionally your workers required special tools and processes, and those tools were at the office workplace. Therefore, in order to work, you staff needed to commute from their home to that workplace. This has all changed, and now many more people are able to work from home and not take up valuable office real estate. According to a 2015 telecommuting statistics report published by, the number of regular work-at-home employees has grown by 103% since 2005. Currently, nearly 4 million or 2.5% of workers are doing their jobs from the comforts of home at least half the time. Here are […]

Sometimes Choosing an Office Space Location is not Just About Geography

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Yes, the tried-and-true statement in business is often “Location, Location, Location” in terms of the address where you locate. But that is not the only factor that you need to consider when choosing an office space location. Sometimes choosing an office space location is not just about geography and the physical location of your office. There are a number of other factors you need to consider. Your office location is not only important to your customers and visitors, but it is also important to your staff. Hiring and retaining good employees can partly be due to the office location and preferred working environment of your staff. Look at Google Canada in Toronto. A few years back, Google moved from its suburban Mississauga location to office space in downtown Toronto. Why? Because they found that the young talent they wanted to attract preferred to live in downtown and not have to […]

The Impressive new Financial Hub At 1 Yonge Street Officially Opens

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Three of Toronto’s leading financial specialists have joined forces to launch a new Banking Centre at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building) on the Toronto waterfront. Luminus Financial (formerly Toronto Star Credit Union), Interchange Currency Exchange, and CWP Financial Services Inc. (a Sun Life Financial Advisor) have partnered to create a new, amenity-laden, full-service banking experience. This means that small business owners at Telsec Business Centre (on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building), now have a convenient, welcoming place to handle all their financial needs without even leaving the building! According to George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus: “The hub is designed to foster an environment where individuals can interact with the staff through large open spaces and meeting areas one-on-one, or in a group. It’s a physical expression for what we do already which is build relationships and trust so we can provide the best possible […]

Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

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With the Pan American Games in Toronto July 10-26 and Parapan American Games August 7-15, traffic in Toronto is going to be chaotic. In an effort to avoid the traffic congestion and other crowding issues caused by the games, many of our office-for-rent tenants are asking about working remotely from home or somewhere outside of the city. Because Telsec offers remote working services to their virtual office clients, we are able to offer our office-for-rent clients options to work away from the office, while their customers believe they are in the office and it is business as usual. Try doing that in a tradition rental office! Instead of having their postal mail and correspondence delivered to their office when they are away, some office tenants are opting to pay a small administrative fee to have their mail scanned and e-mailed to them – similar to services offered to mail-forwarding clients […]

Office Business Centers Make it Easier to Budget Your Office Space Expenses

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Small business owners know that in order to survive, they need to have a budget and stick to it. There are capital costs, fixed costs and variable costs that need to be considered. The less capital costs that a start-up needs to budget for often means more working capital can be channeled into fixed costs until the start-up generates significant cash flow. Office expenses can overwhelm you and your budget if you aren’t careful. The beginning of your start-up isn’t the time to be extravagant in furnishing and equipping your office. You best do it “on the cheap” or at no expense at all. No, you don’t want a cheap-looking office, but you do not want to have your office consume all of your budget. This is why many start-ups and emerging small businesses will look at renting office space at a furnished office facility in an office business centre. […]

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