Snow Storms and Office Space Toronto

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Did you wake up this morning at your normal time and expect to get to work on time? Obviously you did not watch or listen to the weather forecast last night. Some call that “Not Doing Your Homework”; others will say that you planned on just plowing through because you have a vehicle to do it. What does this have to do with office space Toronto? You will see soon. I woke up this morning at 4 am to drive my girlfriend to her work (normally she takes public transit). We knew the roads would be difficult, especially with not having winter tires on my car. I kept the radio low (so as not to get distracted) and my speed down. I knew even without snow tires that I could get up to normal speeds, but I also knew the limitations of my car for stopping in such conditions. After […]

Having Shared Office Space Toronto Can be Good in Many Ways

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Having shared office space Toronto can be good in many ways, but let us first tell you what Toronto shared offices are. There are many businesses and entrepreneurs who need office space Toronto, but they do not need a full-time downtown Toronto office space. What they need is a desk to work from (to do paperwork or administrative tasks) and a place to receive business mail and meet customers. When a client signs up for a Toronto shared office, he or she is signing up for  a turnkey office solution in an office space that is also shared by other companies or professionals at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office space. The first way that a shared office space Toronto solution can be a great option is the low price. A company can have access to a shared office space for only $225 per month plus its telephone and Internet expenses. As well, […]

The Key To Bringing Down Office Space Expenses and Being More Profitable

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The key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable for many small businesses is, quite simply, to be more like “big business.” Many large businesses are getting away from some older technology and pooling other technologies that will be shared with a larger number of users – rather than having smaller pools of employees utilizing more equipment less efficiently. The other key to success is leadership, in other words leading by example. Having management that works alongside its teams makes the office environment more inclusive rather than divisive. Companies have discovered that you do not need to have a personal printer at each person’s office space, because fewer and fewer employees need to print things these days. Twenty years ago, many businesses wanted to achieve the goal of having a paperless office space, but the technology was not there. When some companies who rent office space Toronto […]

Toronto’s downtown office space for rent tenants can enjoy NHL hockey once again

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People have downtown Toronto office space in and around the Air Canada Centre are buzzing! Tenants currently in business centres offering commercial office space for lease Toronto, executive office space for rent, small Toronto office space for rent alternatives or shared office space for rent, enjoyed the first Toronto Maple Leafs home opener Monday, January 21 against the Buffalo Sabres – even though Leafs lost 2-1. These people know, more than anyone, about the advantages of being just minutes away from all the downtown sports action including: Leafs Hockey and Raptors basketball at the Air Canada Centre Blue Jays baseball at the Rogers Centre Busy sports bars with great comfort food Plenty of other restaurants, pubs and bars with on-screen sports events For these office space Toronto clients, the lure of great sports moments, fabulous restaurants, nearby shopping and proximity to the entertainment district are just some of the perks of having […]

Putting on the Gloves in Toronto Office Space

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The old expression “Taking the Gloves Off” has often been used in business when it is time to knuckle down and “get down to business.” In these tough economic times many small businesses are having to take the gloves off and fight to survive. Other entrepreneurs and small business owners are putting the gloves on at their Toronto offices to better interact with technology. Today at our office space Toronto, this blogger noticed a woman who had an office for rent Toronto at Telsec wearing gloves in the 18th-floor kitchen. I was perplexed at what I was seeing because it was not that cold anywhere on the floor. A closer look showed that the gloves had silver-looking tips on the first two digits and on the thumb. It turns out that the woman was not wearing the gloves for warmth, but because the conductive silver thread on the tips of the glove […]

Google Recognized Importance of Downtown Toronto Office Space

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Internet search and advertising giant Google is cutting back its sprawling offices located outside Toronto in the 905 area, consolidating in Toronto’s downtown core and opening new head offices within easy reach of downtown condos. The reason for this move is to facilitate the ability to find young talent and to retain employees who have purchased or are looking to purchase condominiums in the downtown core. Companies today are increasingly accepting the higher downtown core rents in exchange for the value of more centrally located downtown Toronto office space where they can draw from the pool of young, highly educated workers moving into newly built condos that are rising in the city’s centre. The fact is that young people aren’t happy with the long commute to and from the suburbs. These young professionals want to live and work downtown because it’s an exciting and vibrant place. Many want to be […]

Keeping yourself safe from flu at your Toronto office space for rent

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Yes, it is cold and flu season again. While many people are being reminded to get the flu shot, there are also other ways to help protect yourself against influenza, especially by reducing your exposure to germs and viruses around your Toronto office space. Would you believe that it is more likely that your office desktop harbours more germs and bacteria than the office bathroom? The bathroom is routinely cleaned with disinfectant while your office desk and other surfaces in your office space Toronto may not be. How often have you cleaned your keyboard? It is said that your keyboard is potentially dirtier than the average office toilet seat. Think of the potential E. coli and staph germs on your keyboard, your fingers and even on your phone! A U.S. study showed that most people they polled admitted to never cleaning their keyboards. Consider all office germs in your personal […]

Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto

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Weather forecasters are painting a very bleak and potentially serious picture with the weather system poised to hit Toronto and the GTA on Tuesday or Wednesday. Environment Canada is saying to expect high winds, heavy rain and even some potential snow. According to the people who study weather patterns, this “Frankenstorm” could be one of the worst storms in a century. But this Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto. The high probability of high winds and heavy rain could lead to downed trees, power outages and flooding. The Toronto area can expect winds of 60 km/h with gusts of between 80 and 100 km/h. In the event of flooding and people been forced from their homes, the Red Cross already has 200 volunteers on standby in Toronto and another 2,000 volunteers ready across the province. So why will the Frankenstorm not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto? Because our […]

A Good Toronto Office Space Business Address is a Good thing to keep

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From time to time a business will leave an office space for many reasons, but the last thing some Toronto office space renters want to do is to give up a prime business address. One of Telsec’s long time clients is moving their physical offices out to the suburbs in order for the owner to be closer to his home that is about 50 km from downtown Toronto. Instead of changing their head office address or telephone number, they have decided to give up their executive office space Toronto and keep renting a Toronto shared office space. How does this work? Well, they are simply downsizing and moving staff to another location. Their mail will still be addressed to their downtown office space location and forwarded to their suburban location on a weekly basis (or a staff member can pick it up when they are downtown visiting a client or […]

Downtown Toronto Office Space for Less Than the suburbs

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The common misconception to small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they can get cheap office space Toronto if they go out to the suburbs. This can be true for large businesses that require large office space for hundreds of employees, but it is often not the case for smaller companies. Larger companies requiring large amounts of cheap office space are looking for a deal based on the amount of square footage they can squeeze as many employees into as they can. They want be able to maximize how they use their office space Toronto by using cubicles and temporary walls for flexibility. The savings they make on office space is often used to cover the overhead costs for boardrooms, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities. Smaller companies may also be able to find cheap Toronto office space in the suburbs, but they will find that the overhead costs will end […]