How To Handle Returning To Work

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How do employees feel about coming back to the office? Nervous, excited, worried? What’s your plan for keeping people safe and keeping your business profitable? There is a divide between returning to the office and working from home. Understanding the landscape today – and how it’s likely to evolve – is key for businesses wondering what to do next. In the coming weeks, as restrictions will start to loosen, companies around the world will start to bring people back into the workplace. There will be some that will be happy to be out of their homes, while others will be anxious to return. Below are some thoughts on what companies can do in the short term to prepare for a return to the office to ease your anxiety: Optimize the current experience When some or all of the current employees cannot be together physically, it is important to maximize the [...]

Is business the right place for Pokémon? Some will say yes; others will say no!

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Pokémon has become a worldwide phenomenon that has millions and millions of people playing. But does this augmented reality game have a place in a business environment? There are some businesses who are leveraging the attention the game is giving their location, while other businesses wish they could hire a Pokémon ‘exterminator.’ If you are not aware of it, Pokémon is the augmented reality game that has users on a giant scavenger hunt for virtual creatures, trying to capture them with a special ball. It is not just gamers that are playing – it is families, groups of friends, celebrities and yes, even business people working in the downtown core! Businesses that thrive on walk-in traffic are leveraging this phenomenon by luring Pokémon (lures cost about $1 each) to their location in order to attract trainers (the people playing the game) who are potential customers. They are hoping the trainers […]

Reasons why it may be time to abandon your current office space

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Technology is evolving and changing rapidly. And perhaps the way the staff of your small business is working, has been evolving too! The Internet and access to Wifi are changing where work can be done. These factors and other technology are re-shaping the needs of business for traditional office space. Traditionally your workers required special tools and processes, and those tools were at the office workplace. Therefore, in order to work, you staff needed to commute from their home to that workplace. This has all changed, and now many more people are able to work from home and not take up valuable office real estate. According to a 2015 telecommuting statistics report published by, the number of regular work-at-home employees has grown by 103% since 2005. Currently, nearly 4 million or 2.5% of workers are doing their jobs from the comforts of home at least half the time. Here are […]

Sometimes Choosing an Office Space Location is not Just About Geography

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Yes, the tried-and-true statement in business is often “Location, Location, Location” in terms of the address where you locate. But that is not the only factor that you need to consider when choosing an office space location. Sometimes choosing an office space location is not just about geography and the physical location of your office. There are a number of other factors you need to consider. Your office location is not only important to your customers and visitors, but it is also important to your staff. Hiring and retaining good employees can partly be due to the office location and preferred working environment of your staff. Look at Google Canada in Toronto. A few years back, Google moved from its suburban Mississauga location to office space in downtown Toronto. Why? Because they found that the young talent they wanted to attract preferred to live in downtown and not have to […]

Support Services and Meeting Rooms When Working From Home

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This is blog 4 in a series of blogs about the “Challenges of Working from Home Rather Than at an Office Space Toronto“. In this blog we are discussing how when working from home, you also have challenges with support services – no place to meet and sometimes just not having enough space when you need to grow. In a large business office space environment when your fax starts to act up you just call the office support service team. There is often someone there to  fix it for you right away and soon you’re good to go. When your computer crashes two hours before your deadline, there is often a spare computer available to work on your files off the server. When you need to print a file and your printer is down, you can usually access a network printer to send your print job to. When you are working […]

Balancing Work and Home Life When Working From Home

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In our blogs series about the Challenges of Working from Home Rather Than at an Office Space Toronto, we have talked about dealing with distractions from family and friends as well as the professional appearance of an Office Space Toronto While Working From Home. Finding the balance between work and home life when working from home is not as easy it is when you work in an office space Toronto with structure and procedures. While working from home as a self-employed business person means you have to take more control over your schedule and your environment, you have to make sure you also find the idea balance between work and home. Far too often the lines get blurred and the quality of not only your home life is affected, but the productivity of your business can also suffer. Remember, “you work from home, not at home.” Do not let your home office […]

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