Registering your business

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So you have your business idea and you have developed a good business plan, now what? The purpose of this post is to give you granular details on where to find the information and online registration portals to make the registrations and get the proper licensing for your business. The earlier post tells you to think about and this post helps you determine what registrations and licensing requirements your business may need now and in the future and where to get your business registration and licensing requirements from your municipal, provincial and federal governments. Information for US businesses wanting to do business in Canada may also be of interest in addition to this how to register your business post. Licensing Requirements You will find a lot of very useful information on the Government of Canada site: licensing requirements for your business or industry search licensing requirements for municipal, provincial and federal governments Registering Your Business Name […]

Why a Business Centre is the Best Solution for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

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Opening a branch office or other corporate or legal Canadian business type in Canada is much like starting your business all over again! You have an expansion plan; researched the best business “entity” for your business and decided upon whether to have a virtual office from your home or rent office space, warehouse or storefront. Then you have to set up a legal entity to do business under and to carry out setting up the business. All of these activities will require a Canadian address. Without a Canadian address, you are in bureaucratic ‘quicksand.’ The Virtual Office Options There is not much to consider when deciding whether a P.O. Box is appropriate over a virtual address because a P.O. Box is not a legal address for the purposes of incorporation or almost any legal business entity that a U.S.-based or foreign company can use. A Business Centre’s virtual office and office space services provide your business […]

Why Open a Branch Office in Toronto, Canada?

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In the digital age, the number of opportunities available to businesses is greater than ever because ubiquitous connectivity means the world is at your fingertips. So your customers can be almost anywhere! The only barrier to opportunities becoming realities is your ability to communicate and compete in new markets. Whether it be a large or small business or technology start-up, there comes a time when every business must expand its market in order to maintain growth and continue to gain market share. If you’re a local business delivering local services, you’re looking to grow into other cities or nationwide. But if your business is already reaching its full potential nationally, then businesses will generally look to expand internationally. Why international expansion should start in Canada For U.S.-based companies, countries like India, China and Asia with large populations and huge perceived markets are often the first choices for international expansion. The more logical country […]

How to do business in Canada: Choosing a business structure

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In the post expanding your service based business into Canada, we discussed some considerations you should examine before you begin to move a service-based business into Canada. In this post, I will explain the different types of legal entities that can be used to do business “with Canada” and “in Canada.” The legal structures open to your business are many, so taking the time to choose the best one for your needs is an important part of the process for a successful expansion. One of the best references for information about doing business in or with Canada is found on the Canada Trade Commission site. You’ll find information on everything from Visa and immigration to investing in Canada. A U.S. or other foreign-based company has many options to choose from when selecting a business structure in which to carry on business in Canada. The entities available to do business include: […]

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