The Joy of Interesting Times

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“I didn’t want to live in interesting times!” says the graffiti scrawled on a fence at Bloor and Bedford Rd. in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. All times are interesting for the curious mind but some times are more interesting than others. These are most certainly some of those times. Every day, new names get added to the unseen wall of shame in a movement that isn’t waiting quietly while suffering silently any more.  Hundreds of prominent and powerful people (the staggeringly vast majority of whom are sectorialy powerful men), and enormous business empires are being challenged or destroyed altogether by the unforeseen consequences of people talking openly about their public and private behaviours. Revolutions are intensely interesting. This post might be about predators like Harvey Weinstein, but it might also be about Tim Horton’s. Nobody wants to live in interesting times. So many things happen in rushes of emotion and they […]

51% of Canadian Businesses Report Cyber-Security Issues

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How secure is your business? What about the data you collect for business use, how secure is it? In the expanding digital age, the two questions are virtually one and the same. Most businesses are primarily made of data. Frighteningly, more than half of the 650 registered businesses surveyed by the Canadian Securities Administrators reported some sort of cyber-security incident in 2016. As an organization, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has good reason to be concerned about the state of cyber-security in Canada. The CSA is made up of regulators from the 10 provincial and 3 territorial securities commissions. Their goal is to improve, coordinate, and harmonize regulation of Canadian capital markets, administration of which is functionally left to each province or territory. It’s a safe extrapolation the CSA is considering mandating federal regulations around cyber-security for businesses across Canada. The most frequent attack reported was phishing. 43% of respondents […]

Five common mistakes business beginners make

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So you decided to take the plunge and start your own business. I bet you are really excited and cannot wait to get it off the ground. You will need all the excitement and enthusiasm you can gather, because you are going to encounter a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges will not be that hard to work your way around. But you want to make sure that the challenges you encounter are not made more difficult because of your your own actions. The mistakes you make could cost you a lot of money and even cause your business to fail. Here are some mistakes that are common for a new business owner: 1. Do not open a new business expecting it to be profitable overnight. Outside of a few fluke businesses that hit the business lottery and become a media darling on day one, do not expect to […]

Ongoing Planning has Never Been More Important to Your Business Success

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Whether your business is home-based or a fortune 500 enterprise, no individual and certainly no business can predict the future. Especially in these volatile times, businesses must prepare for unforeseen circumstances and have a plan in place well in advance for disaster recovery. A shocking reminder of this is the Boston Marathon bombings. Not only did innocent people lose their lives with hundreds injured, all businesses in that area were forced to close down for an undetermined amount of time. And let’s not forget about the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy along the U.S. east coast a few years ago. Home-based businesses and SMB’s working out of their home need to have a plan for building a business or creating a good job for themselves. If you only see your business as providing a job, then the plan is simpler than if you are going to grow into office space […]

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