How will gift card sales affect your business in January?

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Traditionally, January is gift card redemption month – and that is not just for retail businesses. These days, almost every consumer product or service-oriented business can sell gift cards for subsequent redemption. In fact, one of our office space tenants received a gift card for getting new marketing materials printed. If you’re like many small-business owners, you may spend considerable effort on selling gift cards, but not a lot of time thinking about redemption. You may have had a great December in terms of sales and gift-card sales, but the important thing you have to take into consideration is being prepared for the cost of redemption in January. It could mean high fulfillment costs during a month of much slower sales and revenues. It could also have some impact on your books, so your accountant must be prepared for this. This is because sales of gift cards don’t get officially […]

Conducting Webinars that can Help Your Small Business

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Once you have watched and/or participated in webinar as a guest or viewer, you might start thinking how conducting your own webinar might help your small business to gain exposure to not only new potential clients, but also to educate existing customers about how better to use your product or service. The pitfalls some businesses encounter happen when they try to turn their webinar into an hour-long commercial and do not offer a benefit to the viewers or participants. Use your webinar as an online training session and not a commercial. There are three types of webinars which you can use to carry out online training; non-interactive webinars,  interactive webinars and Q&A (Questions and Answers) webinars. The idea behind a non-interactive  webinar is that it allows people to see your screen and hear your voice while you are demonstrating something that is useful to them. Your initial webinar experience may be […]

What are Executive Suites Toronto?

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When most people hear the words executive suites Toronto” they think of offices for the chief executive officer or other senior executives. Often when small companies or entrepreneurs are looking for office space Toronto, they overlook locations offering executive suites Toronto because they assume that they will be expensive and just for corporate types. Executive suites Toronto are an excellent alternative to the traditional office for lease Toronto because you can rent them for however long you want – or as short as a single day. Many companies who have rented an executive suite for a daily office rental (to impress a client) have really enjoyed the arrangement. They decided they wanted either a full-time or part-time office and so have remained with a Toronto executive office branch for the flexibility. This kind of rental scheme has a variety of options designed to suit any company’s needs. For a very reasonable […]

Deciding On a Daily Office Rental or Toronto Meeting Room?

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Are you finding yourself deciding on a daily office rental or a Toronto meeting room? If so, you are not alone. Many Toronto virtual office clients and non-virtual office clients will often rent a Toronto meeting room for appointments with their customers, while others prefer to choose a daily office rental to hold small meetings. The choice is usually the desire to impress a client or filling the meeting’s need for amenities. Most small businesses that require a Toronto meeting room will often do so because their home office does not afford them the luxury of having a meeting room. Others who choose to rent Toronto meeting rooms are those who have a small office space but no access to a meeting room with a boardroom table that can accommodate 4 to 12 people and is fully equipped with multimedia presentation equipment. They do not want just any meeting room; they want a meeting […]

Calling My Friend Rocco at His Toronto Office Space

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I got an email yesterday from a friend who moved to Michigan last year. His email asked about some website programming work we had been talking about. In his signature I noticed that he had a 416 area code phone number where he could be reached (416 is a Toronto area code). To me, this meant that his office space was in Toronto. So instead of emailing him back, I decided to phone him at his Toronto office space and meet up for lunch. When I called the number on his email, I was standing at the elevators of my office space Toronto about to go out for lunch. The call was answered by a familiar voice and I also thought I heard that same voice answering the call not far from where I was standing… But I did not think about it. As I was telling Rocco about the project […]

Daily Office Rentals Completely Furnished

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It used to be that if you wanted to rent an office or investigate business offices for rent in Toronto or the GTA, you’d basically have only one option – rent an office for at least one month. Even then, many commercial landlords frowned on this practice. They preferred yearly, semi-annual or at the very minimum, quarterly leases. And yes, tenants could save hundreds of dollars, but they’d be locked into long-term contracts whether or not their businesses actually needed these accommodations. Daily office rentals completely furnished were totally out of the question.  As a result, and to accommodate the increasing demand, many business centres began to offer weekly rental space and even daily office rentals completely furnished with several office styles available – including spaces for teams of staffers and employees as well as individuals. Daily office rentals completely furnished are most sought after by outside sales people who […]

Day office Rental

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I recently spoke with a business man who did a lot of travelling for business and had his office at home. He was considering a getting a Toronto Office Space, but thought he would almost never use it. He only meets with customers in Toronto about one or twice a month. I told him that a day office rental would be a great solution for him. I told him he could have a well appointed fully furnished executive office or even a corner office. If he had appointments with customers, he could inform the receptionist that he is expecting someone. When the customer shows up to meet him, the receptionist would welcome the guest and call him to inform him that his customer has arrived at reception, just like she would do if he was a regular office space rental client. After telling him the benefits and showing him the  […]

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