Can’t find a networking event that suits you? Create your own networking event business!

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So you have gone to a few business networking events and they did not turn out to be what you expected. Maybe you ran into the challenge of being taken seriously by more seasoned business people. Here is an idea: host your own networking event and build up your credibility. By planning and sponsoring a networking event, you’re suddenly transformed into a business leader in the community. You are bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners together to talk shop – and many believe that only a leader does that. The added bonus is that you also bring extra exposure to your business and brand. Here are some tips on how to pull off successful networking events: 1. Choose your event venue wisely. You do not want to choose a venue that is not easy to get to and not centralized. Many people will suggest you host your networking event at […]

How to gain new customers using seminars and training

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Many small business owners attended seminars and training room sessions when they were first starting out, just to get some knowledge and a feel for what it was like to be their own boss. Even as their business continues to grow, smart business owners seek out training and business seminars for growth – especially free events. Attending these seminars builds trust between them and the trainer/seminar holder, so much so that they may consider doing business with them. Regardless of what type of product or service your business provides, you too can offer seminars and training sessions that can increase awareness of your potential customers. Doing your first seminar or training session will not be easy, unless you have experience with public speaking and are passionate about what you do. The more you do your seminar or training session, the more you become comfortable with presenting. The more comfortable and […]

MBC’s: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

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Whether it’s meeting rooms, Boardrooms or Conference rooms (MBC’s), what’s the difference and why should it matter? A boardroom is traditionally a room set aside for meetings of the board members of a corporation or organization. The phrase meeting room implies a less formal space – meaning a room that is set aside for any group of people to meet in. Basically, the same room can be used for various reasons. This might change depending on who is using the space, and the level of formality of the meeting itself. This also depends on the terminology that the meeting’s host prefers to use. Office business centres like Telsec have various types of boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms available, depending on the formality of the meeting and the technology requirements. Some of Telsec’s boardrooms are more formal in appearance and decor, whereas some of the meeting rooms and conference/training rooms […]

Are you paying too much for your unused boardroom?

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From time to time we have small business people come to us to rent a boardroom even though they have their own office space. This is often the result of the owner having to make a decision about his or her space because of growth in the business. A small business that has thought ahead and devoted space for a meeting room or boardroom may see two or more new work spaces in that space, rather than a boardroom that gets used only a few times a month. They come to Telsec Business Centres looking to rent a boardroom that is often better equipped and more comfortable than the space that is now the workspace for their two new employees. It is not always necessary for a company to have a boardroom or meeting space. The cost of paying rent on a room that sits empty all the time or becomes an unused “storage […]

The Advantages of Using Meeting Rooms Over a Virtual Meeting

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In our previous blog “Tips for building a productive virtual office” we discussed the benefits of holding regular meetings. We talked about ways to have virtual meetings using technology and briefly talked about using actual physical meeting spaces. Now lets talk more about the benefits of using actual meeting rooms over virtual meetings. There is very little that employees can not do today in a virtual office environment that they could not do in a physical office space, but sometimes an actual meeting in person trumps technology. There are many meetings that are best suited for teleconferencing, Skype or Google Hangouts for the sake of saving time bringing a team together for a meeting, but there are others that are best conducted in a meeting room or a conference room. Focus can be better managed in meeting room or a conference room, you and those in the meeting won’t have […]

Where did you hold your last seminar or training session and how much did it cost you?

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When you are planning a seminar or training event at an outside venue, you have to remember where you held your last seminar or training session and how much it cost. Then you need to look at the value that the venue brought you, and if you might have found a more economical or more professional space. Remember that facility costs range from almost nothing (if you use a public space such as a library), to rather expensive (if you use a hotel meeting space). The cost of the venue could affect the cost to your reputation in terms of professionalism while pricing your event out of the marketplace. So you need to look at your audience to see what they are expecting. The cost of hosting a training session or a seminar can be optics (more than the cost of the venue). Depending on your audience (paid, free or […]

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