An Interview with Jennifer Kelly of New Initiatives Marketing and Nimble Quotes

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  Recently Ian Payton sat down with Jennifer Kelly Founder & CEO of New Initiatives Marketing and NimbleQuotes and discussed Jennifer’s business challenges; her marketing services and more. Jennifer: Hi, my name is Jennifer Kelly. I am the CEO and Founder of New Initiatives Marketing and of New Initiatives Marketing is a marketing company that works with business owners that are committed to growing their business and understand that marketing is a huge component in that growth. We make sure that the marketing strategy is sound, and then we implement and execute each element of the marketing every day, week, month in order to help the growth of their business. With Nimble Quotes, it is a content service for Twitter users, and what it does is users select over 60 categories of inspirational and motivational quotes. They can out in their Twitter stream as if they’ve tweeted it themselves. […]

An Interview with Office Client John Barry

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  An Interview with John Barry John: Hello, my name is John Barry. I’m the North American Human Resource Manager for ECC Japan. ECC is large. We’re coming up on our 53rd anniversary, and we’re a large educational organization in Japan offering all sorts of educational opportunities and courses. My primary focus is to recruit native English speaking North Americans to go teach English in Japan, and have a great experience. Interviewer: And why do your customers or clients prefer ECC as opposed to other educational groups? John: ECC has a great name in the English conversation arena in Japan. And they have, for example, what we consider full-time positions. That is, twenty nine and a half hours per week. Doesn’t that sound pretty good? And seven weeks’ paid vacation. It’s just basically a sweeter package. Within the private sector, it’s pretty hard to beat, and it’s also got a […]

An Interview With Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners

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This video and transcript are from an interview that Ian Payton of Telsec Business Centres conducted with Judi Hughes, co-founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ltd. It’s the first in a series of interviews with members of our community with the goal of raising client visibility within the Telsec business community and elsewhere. Judi Hughes, Co-Founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ian: Hi, can you introduce yourself? Judi: Absolutely! I’m Judi Hughes and my company is Your Planning Partners. I’m the President and Managing Partner. Ian: Would you like to give us an idea about what your business does? Judi: Your Planning Partners is a boutique management consulting firm. We work with established business owners who’ve been in business 3 to 5 years. Some up to 15 and 20 years have already seen some success with their business, but they hit a ceiling. So what we do is […]