An Era of Unlimited Rhino Horns

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We have entered the era of unlimited replica rhino horns. I’m not sure I’ve ever written as silly a serious sentence but it is true. In an interesting attempt to discourage the ivory trade, a Seattle based biotech firm named Pembient has created a synthetic rhinoceros horn using keratin and a 3D printer.  Keratin is the substance hair, fingernails, and rhino horns are made of.  The goal is to produce a biofabricated horn that is indistinguishable from the real thing on all but a cellular level and to thus save the endangered rhinoceros. Welcome to 2018, the year of good people doing good things with the grace of knowledge, talent and technology available to them. This might seem redundant but it is constantly amazing how much knowledge and technology is available for free to anyone with an Internet connection. One can earn a university level education by taking courses available […]

On Killing the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

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Trump appointed Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, is about to cancel the Obama era protection that regulates the Internet as a public utility in the United States. The end of an open and free era will soon be behind us. Sometimes people confuse theory and ideology with tradition and practicality. This mistake usually leads to disastrous outcomes. Human societies have existed for thousands of years and have evolved over time to think, act, and function in ways that tend to be the most efficient and useful, hopefully for the largest number of people. They might structure around different systems but systems that work are invented, innovated on and evolve and to help people survive. In North America, we have representative democracies. Modern democratic societies are built of and by people. They are you and you can know them if you want to. Opportunities for the advancement and betterment of […]

Why Your Small Business Needs Both Virtual Office and Cloud Office Solutions

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We have often talked about the value of having a virtual office, but we have also discussed the virtues of having a cloud-based office too. Some recent events brought the two topics together and we knew we had to share them with our followers. Some are funny and others are not. A recent virtual office client told us why he decided to become a client with us – for security reasons. He had been running his online product sales business from his home and doing quite well at it, until a customer showed up at his door looking to make a direct purchase. He had put his home address as the return address on his packages, but did not think anyone would show up at his home. That is when he decided that he needed a real business address that was not his home address. Working from home, a coffee […]

Cloud Servers as a Possible Data Storage and Back-up Solution

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As mentioned in our last blog, this week we are going to explore the various types of data storage and help our blog followers as well as our office for rent Toronto clients to find the right solutions that work for their data. In this blog, we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of storing your data using a cloud server service. Even more than larger enterprises, small businesses need to concentrate on what they do best to survive and cannot afford the time to worry about losing their data or be without it for more than a few hours. This is why many small business owners choose to outsource their data storage and back-up to an online storage service so they do not have to worry about it. A few of our Toronto office space tenants use not only cloud solutions for their data storage and back-ups, but […]

Benefits of a Cloud Office and Access to an Office Business Centre

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Over the last few years business has seen tremendous growth in cloud computing. The most popular Web applications used today include: Google Apps and Google Drive that allow users to not only store their files remotely, but also provide online applications to edit word processing files, databases, spread sheets and presentations – without having software installed on a PC, laptop or tablet. Cloud office users can even receive faxes via their email without having access to a fax machine. The term cloud computing is sometimes also referred to as “working in the cloud.”  This refers to the act of performing common computer tasks and workflow using services that are delivered entirely over the Internet. The biggest benefit to users is that they do not have to install programs or download updates because the applications they use remain on the internet and updates are not seen. Having these applications hosted online […]

Still no Frankenstorm but Superstorm Sandy is Sure Packing a Punch

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There has been a big media buzz for the past 4 days about a Frankenstorm that would occur when Hurricane Sandy came inland and ran into arctic winds from Canada’s Northwest. So far Sandy is no longer a hurricane and is now just a post-tropical cyclone that has been re-labelled a Superstorm because of the sheer size of the storm formation. Many people at Telsec’s office space Toronto were skeptical about the Frankenstorm, but this superstorm sure packed some winds overnight. While some of the neighbourhoods surrounding the downtown (the horseshoe as Toronto Hydro calls them) are experiencing blackouts due to downed trees and other flying debris, the downtown area where hydro lines are primarily underground is not expected to experience any power outages. This is good news for many Toronto office space clients who, like myself, want to work through this storm with little or no interruptions. I often […]

Canada a New “Curiosity” for American Businesses seeking Toronto virtual office space

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You may not be able to get an office space on Mars, but you can have a Toronto cloud office. Late Sunday night, early Monday morning (depending on your timezone) NASA’s Mars science rover “Curiosity” made its descent through pink Martian skies late on Sunday to clinch an historic landing. Mission controllers burst into applause and cheers as they received signals confirming that the SUV-sized space vehicle had survived a perilous seven-minute descent that NASA has called the most elaborate and difficult task in the history of robotic spaceflight. While Telsec’s Toronto cloud office and office space Toronto staff were enjoying the Toronto civic holiday, voice mail still came in inquiring about cloud office space. It seems that Americans who had watched the “Curiosity” landing realized that if NASA could expand further into space, than maybe they should explore doing business outside of the USA in Canada. They could see the potential of a Toronto virtual […]

Google is Helping You to Work From a Toronto Cloud Office

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Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office by introducing their new Chromebook will be a faster computer than most laptops in its class. They say it starts in seconds and offers thousands of apps, many of which are free. They have made it with built-in virus protection and backs up your files in the cloud. This could be an interesting device for those who are also utilizing cloud office space Toronto as their business address. Google also added features that enable users to edit documents offline, read more content created in widely used Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel, and retrieve material from another computer at home or your office space Toronto. Even if you only have a Toronto cloud office, Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office by letting you store word processing, spread sheet and presentation files on Google docs. […]

Even with cloud computing you still need a business address

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The biggest technology buzz word today in business is Cloud Computing. It joins the ranks of terms including: grid computing, utility computing, virtualization, clustering, etc. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. This means that resources are shared, as is software, and information is provided to computers.  The workload is taken off of one or two servers and shared by many. The delivery of the cloud is typically over the Internet. With many companies and organizations adopting cloud computing, they are finding that their need for physical office space (particularly server rooms) is decreasing. Companies are able to have employees using Toronto shared offices or even shared desks on a flex schedule. One employee may occupy a given Toronto office space desk a few days a week and work from home or another office the other days of the week. Thanks to the cloud, they do not need to […]

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