Why the Sudden Changes with the Web?

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These might be the waning days of the new economy created by the digital communications revolution. For the better part of the last three decades every aspect of our culture has been altered, accelerated, surpassed, and often destroyed by the Internet and most importantly, by the Internet’s favourite four letter F word, F-R-E-E. It’s been a wild ride but it was never really sustainable. Along the way, we’ve devalued our recent cultural creations and made it far harder for artists to scrape out a semblance of a decent living. A recent story in The New Yorker magazine, “Who Owns the Internet?” outlined the experience of Levon Helm, drummer for the seminal rock group The Band. After The Band broke up and Helm retired from rock music, he was living a comfortable life on royalty cheques from the tens of millions of times The Band’s music was purchased, played on radio, […]

On Killing the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

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Trump appointed Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, is about to cancel the Obama era protection that regulates the Internet as a public utility in the United States. The end of an open and free era will soon be behind us. Sometimes people confuse theory and ideology with tradition and practicality. This mistake usually leads to disastrous outcomes. Human societies have existed for thousands of years and have evolved over time to think, act, and function in ways that tend to be the most efficient and useful, hopefully for the largest number of people. They might structure around different systems but systems that work are invented, innovated on and evolve and to help people survive. In North America, we have representative democracies. Modern democratic societies are built of and by people. They are you and you can know them if you want to. Opportunities for the advancement and betterment of […]

What to Expect if NAFTA Talks Fail

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Most businesses in Canada share a deep seeded defect that is so common as to be part of our DNA yet so malignant it corrupts the very foundation of Canada’s national sovereignty. The flaw is not a fault of planning or ideology. It is not caused by neurosis or insecurity. It is a simple yet subtle mixture of geography and the physics of supply and demand. Most Canadian businesses are entirely dependent on access to the American market, or are reliant on serving businesses that are successful only because they enjoy easy access to the American market. Stretched primarily along a 6400km border with our southern continental neighbour, approximately 35million Canadians live a relatively excellent life by finding ways to collaborate with or feed the enormous appetites of a post-industrial consumer society eleven times bigger than our own. Some are haulers of water and hewers of wood and miners of […]

The Numbers Game of Networking

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Everyone’s world revolves on an axis of networks. In business, government, or academia, those networks scale much larger but in the end, most human endeavour centers around well established networks of trusted friends, colleagues, associates, and contacts. If you need a babysitter, chances are you call one the teenage child of a friend. When deciding on a restaurant to take our families to, we rely on the recommendations of friends and associates. When seeking essential service providers like a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, we tend to ask our contacts about their personal experiences. Beyond recommendation websites like Yelp or local search engines like Google, humans rely on the wisdom, experience, and assistance of others in many facets of our lives. Building one’s networks is often a difficult challenge. Much like high school or university friendships, one’s business networks will serve to define one’s character, access to opportunities, and overall resourcefulness, likely for […]

How small business owners can benefit from dog parks!

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  The idea for this blog came from one of our office-space tenants who has networked at dog parks for the past few years and has established some great business contact that way. This past week, he invited a number of those dog park contacts (most of which work downtown) into one of our large meeting rooms and treated them to lunch to talk about setting up a formal networking group. If you take some time out of your office space and spend a few hours observing “the off-leash,” you will learn a great deal about how dogs play and behave in a pack. But more importantly, you will learn about how their owners behave when they let their pets off the leash. You will notice that most owners come to the dog park, unleash their pet and immediately turn to their mobile phones or chat with other dog owners. […]

How to promote a networking event

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Whether you’re planning a charity event, business networking cocktail hour, reception or educational conference, getting the word out about your meeting can be a big challenge. To adequately promote an event, planners need to target potential attendees using a variety of media. While your networking events may not need its own website, people need one place to check for information about what’s coming up next, or how they register to attend the event. You can use anything from a Facebook group to a Meetup group or even your own website. Whatever you choose, you need to make it a priority and keep it updated. Without a high level of consistency, your past or future attendees won’t be able to keep up or let their own networks know about your events. You want to make it easy for your converted audience to share your event. You need to find what appeals […]

Five Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

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While there are plenty of tips all over the internet for small businesses, few are aimed at the business owner. As a business owner, sometimes you have take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror – and decide if you are making decisions for yourself or for your small business. Here are five proven strategies: Be unique. Have a unique product or service offering, or a point of view that your competition does not. Your offering must stand out and have its own point of view that is uniquely yours. If your potential customers cannot distinguish between your product or service and that of your competitor’s, as the new person in the marketplace you will probably not get the sale. Remember that consumer expectations today are heavily influenced by the larger players who have established a track record for what they are offering and how they deliver […]

Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

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One of our office space for rent tenant, Green Lotus, is organizing the annual Donate & Learn Expo to help small businesses learn the latest online marketing techniques, while giving back to a great cause. How did it all start? In early 2012 Bassem Ghali (Founder of Green Lotus) wanted to give back to the community in a big way. With his expertise and network of marketing professionals, Bassem wanted to create an online marketing workshop and bring the community together in support of a local charity. More than 220 guests attended the sold-out event and he raised close to $3,800 for the YWCA Toronto! In 2013, the Donate & Learn initiative gained the support of GoDaddy. With GoDaddy as a major supporter, the Donate & Learn initiative grew. The Donate & Learn Workshop was sold out for a second time with over 260 attendees and another $4,185 raised for […]

Global Entrepreneurs Week and Startup Weekend

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This week is Global Entrepreneurs Week and there are more than 300 events planned by more than 150 organizations in the GTA. Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international movement designed to inspire millions (mostly young people) to embrace the concepts of innovation, imagination and creativity through entrepreneurship. There are various types of events going on around Toronto including networking events, meet and greets, training events, free seminars and other professional development events, plus a whole lot more. One of the larger events as part of Global Entrepreneurs Week is Startup Weekend, a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. This is the sixth year of Startup Weekend Toronto, but very first Maker-themed Startup Weekend Toronto. What is a Maker event? We were curios too. It seems that Maker events are are ones focused on building physical products during the weekend. […]

Where Do You Business Network When You Work From Home?

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In a recent blog about Balancing Work and Home Life When Working From Home, we discussed the need to be very careful to avoid distractions – such as household chores and television – when chosing to have a home office instead of an office space Toronto at a business centre. We also stressed the importance of taking regular scheduled breaks or even procrastination times. One of the suggestions we made was to try to schedule in a five or ten-minute break once every two hours by taking a walk outside of the home. In that same blog we made the suggestion about breaks and that another thing to use your break time was to check in on Facebook or or Twitter. We further suggested that you set a timer to let yourself know when your break is over. We suggested the timer so that you do not get allow the […]

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