Horsemen coming? Don’t Panic

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Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are three of four harbingers of ill omen. The fourth is more of a following spirit made up of innumerable desperate decisions. It’s called Panic. They are social and economic contagions and though they spread at different times and rates, they tend to follow the same directions and end up in the same foul and musty places. The markets are all over the map this morning but investors surfed through two days of serious uncertainty yesterday and on Monday. The scariest part in the aftermath is thinking about who, or more precisely, what market managers blamed for the sharpest decline on the Dow since 2008. Algorithmic trading and the arbitrage found in between where numbers fall. Trading sophistication so enormous and virtually unpredictable in its scope and decisiveness was fingered as the driving force in the greatest market correction since the international financial system was threatened […]

The Joy of Interesting Times

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“I didn’t want to live in interesting times!” says the graffiti scrawled on a fence at Bloor and Bedford Rd. in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. All times are interesting for the curious mind but some times are more interesting than others. These are most certainly some of those times. Every day, new names get added to the unseen wall of shame in a movement that isn’t waiting quietly while suffering silently any more.  Hundreds of prominent and powerful people (the staggeringly vast majority of whom are sectorialy powerful men), and enormous business empires are being challenged or destroyed altogether by the unforeseen consequences of people talking openly about their public and private behaviours. Revolutions are intensely interesting. This post might be about predators like Harvey Weinstein, but it might also be about Tim Horton’s. Nobody wants to live in interesting times. So many things happen in rushes of emotion and they […]

An Era of Unlimited Rhino Horns

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We have entered the era of unlimited replica rhino horns. I’m not sure I’ve ever written as silly a serious sentence but it is true. In an interesting attempt to discourage the ivory trade, a Seattle based biotech firm named Pembient has created a synthetic rhinoceros horn using keratin and a 3D printer.  Keratin is the substance hair, fingernails, and rhino horns are made of.  The goal is to produce a biofabricated horn that is indistinguishable from the real thing on all but a cellular level and to thus save the endangered rhinoceros. Welcome to 2018, the year of good people doing good things with the grace of knowledge, talent and technology available to them. This might seem redundant but it is constantly amazing how much knowledge and technology is available for free to anyone with an Internet connection. One can earn a university level education by taking courses available […]

Interest and Canadian Confidence

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Monetary policy might seem a dull subject heading into a gloriously free Canada Day long weekend but given yesterday’s extraordinary statement by Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, it is worth taking a few minutes to peer into a near future hinted at by the Governor and his deputies over the past few weeks. “It does look as though those cuts have done their job,” Mr. Poloz said reflecting on the dramatic interest rate cuts made after the oil crash in 2014. Those cuts were piled on top of previous cuts made after the global economic meltdown of 2008. As of this moment, Canada’s central bank’s benchmark loan rate is a staggeringly low 0.5% leaving very little room for Mr. Poloz to go lower without flirting with the negative rate interest policy he mused about just over a year ago. Are you done yawning yet? Ok, let’s move forward. Both […]

The Numbers Game of Networking

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Everyone’s world revolves on an axis of networks. In business, government, or academia, those networks scale much larger but in the end, most human endeavour centers around well established networks of trusted friends, colleagues, associates, and contacts. If you need a babysitter, chances are you call one the teenage child of a friend. When deciding on a restaurant to take our families to, we rely on the recommendations of friends and associates. When seeking essential service providers like a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, we tend to ask our contacts about their personal experiences. Beyond recommendation websites like Yelp or local search engines like Google, humans rely on the wisdom, experience, and assistance of others in many facets of our lives. Building one’s networks is often a difficult challenge. Much like high school or university friendships, one’s business networks will serve to define one’s character, access to opportunities, and overall resourcefulness, likely for […]

Advertising in the Context of Change

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Advertising, as we know it, is about to change so radically it will be practically unrecognizable. If you have a favourite TV spot you might want to record it. Similarly, if there is an ad out there that annoys you to distraction you’ll be happy to know you’ll likely not have to see such awfulness again, at least not in the near future. Tomorrow’s ad delivery is already happening today but the scale is about to get so much bigger. We live in a midst of a digital revolution. At no other time in human history have so many ideas and institutions been altered, challenged, changed, created, and destroyed. As discomforting as it is, revolutionary change is a natural by-product of technological advancement. A decade and a half after its inception the innovation that made Google one of the wealthiest companies on Earth is going to eliminate commercial advertising and […]

The Business of a New World Order

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The saying goes, “The only things in life you can rely on are death and taxes.” That might be true but between tax time and the time of any individual’s eventual demise, a lot of change is bound to take place. This is such a time. Social, political, and economic forces have merged in a perfect storm of a toxic soup to make a steady but still shaky recovery feel more volatile than any other period in many people’s living memories. Great change is upon us, but what does that mean for Canadian businesses? This might seem counter-intuitive but great change often creates great conditions for business to thrive in. Nature abhors a vacuum and when several things shift, the forces of nature move to fill in gaps and close all seams. Businesses ready to take advantage of changing circumstances and conditions can find niches to thrive in while businesses […]

Building the ideal community for your business

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It’s not that SEO is dead or that links are obsolete, but building an online community around your business is a great way to increase your online visibility to search engines. If you build a community around your business, you’re putting the focus where it belongs – on your business. If your business’ online plan is continually chasing the Google algorithm, you’re putting all of your power in what Google’s going to do next. Building an online community for your business is one of the best ways to weather Google’s algorithms. Besides, building a strong company and brand through building a community isn’t something that Google can take away or change. One of the Internet’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring together people with similar interests in online communities. Online user communities can be a powerful force for businesses . Businesses with active communities focused on their products or […]

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