Why Move from the Burbs to Downtown Toronto Office Space?

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Many companies are choosing to move their offices downtown and away from the suburbs. Lets discuss why this is happening and what are the advantages of the downtown location for customers, colleagues and employees. In the past several years, a handful of North America’s largest corporations like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and even McDonalds have joined the exodus from their suburban headquarters and campuses to new office space that is located downtown, and millennial’s seem to be the driving force. Yes, many companies chose to accept the usually higher cost of downtown space opposed to what they are paying in the suburbs, because they help attract younger workers. These workers want the chance to walk to nearby amenities and areas with a sense of place, rather than a generic business park campus or driving to a nearby shopping mall. This is also because these same workers want to be close to […]

The Many Benefits of Virtual Offices

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At Telsec, we not only offer office space, we also have a variety of virtual office solutions that can help to efficiently manage your business regardless of your physical location. But what are the actual benefits of virtual offices? Technology now allows people to work from anywhere, so much so that many companies realize that they do not need to be paying rent on office space that they do not utilize. When a small business needs a professional business address without needing physical office space, virtual offices are the best solution for that particular business. If you have a home-based business and want to engage a virtual office solution, a virtual office provider can give you a physical address without having to rent a physical office. And your home address will remain private. Business centres that offer virtual office solutions can also provide you with a phone and answering service, […]

Where to locate your business

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It is often said that the three most important factors in making sure a business is successful are ‘location, location, location.’ Even if your business is not retail and does not rely on walk-in traffic, your location is important to your customers and prospective clients. Yes, you prospective clients will often research your small business to find out if you are local and if you at a real business address. You may not need to maintain a physical presence near your customers, but your business address should be where your customers are – or where they expect you to be. You could have a head office location at a prestigious business address and have a majority of your production or staff working from another location that better suits the work that is being done – or where you are paying less rent. You want your customers to see your primary […]

Getting the Kids Back to School is a Reason to get Serious About Business

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The commercials have already started for back to school. Stores are already putting together their back-to-school sections – and the kids are grumbling about it being too soon to think about their summer holidays ending. But what are parents thinking about? With their children going back to school, entrepreneurial parents will have more time to concentrate on what they need to do about their existing business (or perhaps starting a new one). Parents who own small businesses will often take some time off during school summer holidays to spend with their kids. This could be a few days here and there, a week or two, long weekends or even just shorten their workday to spend more time with their kids. Come the first weeks of August, parents who have taken time away from their business start to think about what they have to do in order to grow or improve […]

What is flexible working?

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How flexible is your work space? Let’s first discuss what flexible working is. Flexible working can mean a variety of things to different businesses. It could refer to hours of operation, accessibility, size of your office or even the location of your office space. Office space can be a drain on resources for start-up companies. Most landlords demand 3-5 year lease terms and personal guarantees when securing an office. With most traditional office spaces, you only get access for a limited amount of the day and only Monday to Friday. In a flexible office working situation, you get 24-hour access every day of the week (including holidays). Having flexible access whenever you need it, gives you and your business much more flexibility. For example, you can decide when to work and when you must service your customers’ needs. This also allows you to give your employees more flexible working hours […]

International Mail Services Versus a Post Office Box

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Whether you are in the USA or somewhere else around the world and you are doing business in Toronto, you most likely want a Toronto address for your Canadian mail. Postal Boxes may sound like an easy and secure way to have your business mail delivered, but are they? Let’s talk about the logistics of a P.O. Box first, before we go into the potential loss of business by using one. Unless you are a frequent flyer to Toronto or have someone picking up your Canadian mail as your Canadian representative, if a package or important documents are being sent using another courier such as UPS or FedEx, those packages cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. Canada Post will hold your mail indefinitely, but is not set up to forward it to you. What good is it having a local mailing address if you are not getting your mail […]

Ways to grow your small business quickly

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Growing your small business is not as easy as you think – and it is not as easy as just throwing money back into it. Most often the way your business needs to grow is by adding team members to manage the operations and service your customers. Housing all your employees in one place is no longer necessary in business. These days the jobs done by your staff can be done remotely. A great deal of small business owners avoid the thought of managing a virtualized workforce out of fear of losing the ability to track employee workflow and progress. But with the right guidelines and tools, that doesn’t have to be a concern. As a small business owner, you just need to establish your company’s core values and have clear and frequent communications with staffers. It’s easy to streamline workflow between onsite and remote employees. So how does it […]

5 Reasons why Every Small Business Should Have a Website

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According to (CIRA) the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, only 41% of Canadian small businesses (see CIRA’s 2014 Factbook) have a website at all. The ironic thing about all these sad statistics is that Canadians are the second heaviest users of the Internet globally, averaging 41.3 hours per month online. Lets examine why your small business should have a website. 1) Your customers use the Internet like they used to use the Yellow Pages phone book. Your potential customers are using their computers, smartphones and tablets to decide where to go and who to buy from. If they do not find you, then you have basically lost a sale for your small business. This is especially true if you want to be found in local searches. With mobile technology today, people are doing their local searches on their smartphones, tablets and even their GPS navigation systems – all while on the […]

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