Ten questions to ask before choosing office space for your start-up

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As your start-up business begins to take off, working from a home office may no longer be an option, and you require professional office space. You know that you need enough space for you and your current employees, but you might need a little more for a few additional staffers that may be full-time or part-time. 1. Location, location, location? Just where is the office space you are considering located? Is it a convenient location that your staff and customers can easily get to? (see our blog on office location) You need to know if it is close to mass transit and accessible by local buses and if there are bicycle routes nearby. Why the bicycle routes? Statistics show that more and more people in major centres are commuting by bicycle – and cities like Toronto are putting a lot of money into developing dedicated bicycle lanes and paths to […]

The Holiday Spirit is Alive and Well at 1 Yonge Street

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Just last week in the reception area and reception boardroom, Telsec treated its office-space tenants to some holiday cheer and some amazing catered hors’douvres by Daniel et Daniel. It was great for tenants to have a chance to gather and be around other office tenants. Some took the time to talk to familiar faces they had seen or talked to in the hall, while some of the newer tenants got a chance to meet some of the other office tenants who have been around for a while and do some networking. On December 16th at the Toronto Star Building, all of the building tenants and Toronto Star staff were treated to a holiday breakfast in the main-floor lobby of the building. It was not a simple breakfast. They had a various selection of food, breakfast deserts and different beverages. Some of the food included western omelet, scrambled eggs, sausages, biscuits […]

The Impressive new Financial Hub At 1 Yonge Street Officially Opens

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Three of Toronto’s leading financial specialists have joined forces to launch a new Banking Centre at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building) on the Toronto waterfront. Luminus Financial (formerly Toronto Star Credit Union), Interchange Currency Exchange, and CWP Financial Services Inc. (a Sun Life Financial Advisor) have partnered to create a new, amenity-laden, full-service banking experience. This means that small business owners at Telsec Business Centre (on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building), now have a convenient, welcoming place to handle all their financial needs without even leaving the building! According to George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus: “The hub is designed to foster an environment where individuals can interact with the staff through large open spaces and meeting areas one-on-one, or in a group. It’s a physical expression for what we do already which is build relationships and trust so we can provide the best possible […]