Boardrooms Matter– and so do Boardroom Manners!

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The self-proclaimed ‘Miss Manners’ in many people’s minds is Emily Post. However, the majority of boardroom etiquette is really about being a courteous and showing respect. So what does it mean to be respectful in the boardrooms? The first rule for good boardroom manners is that punctuality is very important. When you are late for a meeting, it sends the message that you are not respectful of the person who is hosting the meeting, or of the participants, whom you have likely interrupted. When you attend a meeting, your full attention is also required. Yes your cellphone is important, but consider the rudeness of you looking down at your phone during a meeting in a boardroom. Do you really need to look at your inbox every 90 seconds? Even if there is a lull, or the meeting becomes mundane, you need to be polite and give the host your attention. […]

Interesting Innovation for People who Want to Sit or Stand While Working

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This is turning into an interesting week. On Wednesday I attended the first day of a three-day event hosted by GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) Canada as media and I am looking forward creating a blog about it for next week. One of the things that made Wednesday interesting was meeting Tim Chung, the engineer who invented the “Lift Top: The Portable Sit-Stand Solution” that he hopes will revolutionize how we work. While attending the GCUC Unconference, Tim was looking forward to 1 PM when his Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to launch. While I had a little giggle as he told me about his Kickstarter lunching, I explained to him the coincidence of me just writing a blog article about crowdfunding and another article some time ago about standing and working. When we did our series on “Is Sitting the New Smoking?” and “Stay Active Even When Sitting“, one of the […]

Pan Am Games and the effect on Toronto Small Business.

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Today’s blog was supposed to be about entrepreneurial trends and list some statistics, but instead we are going to talk about some issues that our office space clients are talking about regarding the Pan Am Games in Toronto. With the Pan Am games in Toronto, many of our office clients have chosen to either work from home or to take public transit to the office. This is mainly due to the added road congestion caused by the temporary HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardener Expressway. The intent of these lanes is to allow official Pan Am Games vehicles, buses, taxi cabs and vehicles with more than 3 persons to move along the roadways faster and avoid traffic. One of our office space tenants mentioned this morning that they would try using an Uber car to get to work, but they quickly found out that […]

Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

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With the Pan American Games in Toronto July 10-26 and Parapan American Games August 7-15, traffic in Toronto is going to be chaotic. In an effort to avoid the traffic congestion and other crowding issues caused by the games, many of our office-for-rent tenants are asking about working remotely from home or somewhere outside of the city. Because Telsec offers remote working services to their virtual office clients, we are able to offer our office-for-rent clients options to work away from the office, while their customers believe they are in the office and it is business as usual. Try doing that in a tradition rental office! Instead of having their postal mail and correspondence delivered to their office when they are away, some office tenants are opting to pay a small administrative fee to have their mail scanned and e-mailed to them – similar to services offered to mail-forwarding clients […]

Being the “Leader” of Your Small Business Rather Than Being “The Boss”

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Zig Ziglar wrote that “the leader and the manager must communicate effectively and regularly so all the people understand the support each supplies to the other.” In this, Zig Ziglar was most likely referring to the boss as “manager” and the “leader” as the founder, owner or visionary of the business. Every small business owner needs to decide if he or she is going to be a boss or a leader. But what is the difference and why is it important? Leaders are people who are responsible for inspiring, guiding and leading a group of other people on a path to grow a business. A boss is a person who takes charge of the workplace. Businesses run by bosses tend to have higher employee turnover. While a leader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader. Although leaders and bosses have nearly identical definitions, they are very different […]

Top 10 Advantages of Renting Toronto Office Space from an All-in-One Business Centre  

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Many expanding businesses, start-ups, international businesses and even established larger forms are looking to downsize their real estate and office-space. They are turning to all-in-one serviced office business centres and executive offices for their businesses office needs. Business owners are realizing that, with an all-in-one business centre to fill their office needs, their company can see a significant amount of savings in all aspects of their total office expenses every month over traditional raw-office-space leases. Read on to discover the top 10 advantages of all-in-one office space for lease in Toronto. Professional Receptionist at Your Disposal If you’re a business start-up or are significantly downsizing your company, you’re probably operating with minimal office support staff. So why spend your money on hiring a receptionist when most all-in-one office business centres provide a live receptionist? You can have a professional receptionist answer all of your calls as you direct, without paying […]