The best group training and meeting layouts

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When you are planning a training session or meeting, the layout of the training/seminar room can be just as important as its location. The layout of the room can set the tone and change the desired outcome of your meeting or training session. You just need to choose what that direction and outcome is going to be. Have you ever been in a meeting in a room that was in a different configuration from one you are accustomed to? Was that meeting or training session more or less effective than what you expected? That format was most likely planned to achieve the best results of what the meeting organizers were trying to accomplish. Let us help you to understand the reasons for different training or meeting room layouts – so when you rent one from a business centre like Telsec, you will get what you need. It is important to […]

Choosing the right meeting room for an important session

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Where you meet a small business client or supplier can be just as important as the topic or the reason for the meeting. It is your job to find the ideal type of space and the best location for your meeting. If you, like many other small businesses, do not have your own on-site meeting room or boardroom, you need to find the ideal meeting room for rent. You need to choose a rental meeting room that will complement the professionalism and the agenda of your meeting. Location, location, location. When you are planning an important meeting, your choice of location will set the mood. Location is not just about a physical location and a prestigious address, but also about professionalism. You do not want to ask a prospective client to have a meeting in an out-of-the-way place or the back of a coffee shop. The other factor that is […]

Why is Cyber Monday so important to small business E-commerce?

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So what is Cyber Monday? Basically, Cyber Monday is to online retailers what Black Friday is for brick-and-mortar retailers. These online events have been around for a decade and can help level the playing field for small businesses. According to Forbes, Cyber Monday online revenue for 2014 reached $2.68 billion – a nearly 20% increase over the totals in 2013. It is important to note that more than one-third of these purchases were made via mobile devices. This shows the amazing evolution of online sales. Lets go back to the beginning. According to Wikipedia, “Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The term was coined by Ellen Davis and made its debut on November 28, 2005 in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday Quickly […]

Management tips gleaned from the Harvard Review

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The Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a highly regarded general management magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing, an organization that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. Harvard Business Review’s articles cover a wide and diverse range of topics that are relevant to different industries, management functions and geographic locations. A great deal of their articles focuses on such areas as leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance and managing people. Recently, Harvard Business Review released a book on their top management tips that were very insightful and should be shared. But the best tips were the ones that can easily be taken and put into action. While a lot of the tips may be more focused to managers of larger businesses, we found the tips that are best suited for small business owners and managers. One chore many people do not finish is to actually get through […]

Are Business Centres the Office Workplaces of the Future?

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The future of the workplace is more work and less place, especially given the impact of new technologies and the changing demands of a new generation of workers. Even with some employees working full-time or part-time at home or in other remote locations, there still needs to be an office for the business. One trend in corporate offices today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and a greater portion of the workspace dedicated to interactive and collaborative uses. Companies are changing the functions of the workplace more toward intense interaction spaces. Office space is being optimized for all types of collaboration, including space to bring remote workers into the office on a schedule. Even having remote workers come into the office a few times a month for meetings and team-building exercises requires a flexible workspace that can be changed or reconfigured when needed. Traditional office space with cubicles […]

MBC’s: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

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Whether it’s meeting rooms, Boardrooms or Conference rooms (MBC’s), what’s the difference and why should it matter? A boardroom is traditionally a room set aside for meetings of the board members of a corporation or organization. The phrase meeting room implies a less formal space – meaning a room that is set aside for any group of people to meet in. Basically, the same room can be used for various reasons. This might change depending on who is using the space, and the level of formality of the meeting itself. This also depends on the terminology that the meeting’s host prefers to use. Office business centres like Telsec have various types of boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms available, depending on the formality of the meeting and the technology requirements. Some of Telsec’s boardrooms are more formal in appearance and decor, whereas some of the meeting rooms and conference/training rooms […]

Who you hire to do your small business marketing reflects on your image

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It is important to know who you hire to do your small business marketing, because their actions and work reflects on the image of your brand and your company. When an outside marketer makes a mistake, your audience will still see your brand and not theirs. Last week after leaving a meeting at my Telsec office, I encountered a poster stapled to a tree outside the liquor store a block away from my office. I could not believe that someone would actually put a poster on a tree in this day and age of being environmentally friendly. Nothing can ruin a company’s reputation faster than being seen as not being environmentally conscientious. I decided that I wanted to let my friends know what bad marketing is and to expose the company on my person social media accounts, not as the writer of this blog. I posted a photo of it […]

Things that anyone who works from home knows all too well

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If you have experience working from home, there are things that you know all too well – and the crazy hours we keep is only the beginning. Yes, our home offices are just minutes or seconds away, but that morning “commute” can often get interrupted by a family member calling, or the dog wanting to go for his walk. Not every home office is the same and not everyone has the same experiences, but as someone who works from home, most can all agree on experiencing one or more of these things. Sometimes working from home instead of a traditional office space can put a strain on family relations, especially if you have children. When your kids see that mommy or daddy is home, they assume that it is playtime or that they can ask for help or anything else. If boundaries are not established, your work may suffer. Boundaries […]

Are you paying too much for your unused boardroom?

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From time to time we have small business people come to us to rent a boardroom even though they have their own office space. This is often the result of the owner having to make a decision about his or her space because of growth in the business. A small business that has thought ahead and devoted space for a meeting room or boardroom may see two or more new work spaces in that space, rather than a boardroom that gets used only a few times a month. They come to Telsec Business Centres looking to rent a boardroom that is often better equipped and more comfortable than the space that is now the workspace for their two new employees. It is not always necessary for a company to have a boardroom or meeting space. The cost of paying rent on a room that sits empty all the time or becomes an unused “storage […]

The Advantages of Using Meeting Rooms Over a Virtual Meeting

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In our previous blog “Tips for building a productive virtual office” we discussed the benefits of holding regular meetings. We talked about ways to have virtual meetings using technology and briefly talked about using actual physical meeting spaces. Now lets talk more about the benefits of using actual meeting rooms over virtual meetings. There is very little that employees can not do today in a virtual office environment that they could not do in a physical office space, but sometimes an actual meeting in person trumps technology. There are many meetings that are best suited for teleconferencing, Skype or Google Hangouts for the sake of saving time bringing a team together for a meeting, but there are others that are best conducted in a meeting room or a conference room. Focus can be better managed in meeting room or a conference room, you and those in the meeting won’t have […]

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