While the current rotating postal strike has not had a very large impact on the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or most mail service Toronto locations, some people who do depend solely on Canada Post – such as those who use post office boxes, publishers of magazines and newspapers, retailers and other businesses fulfillment companies – are feeling the stress. For example, community newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, as well as retail flyers promoting specific product discounts, are usually time-sensitive. If they’re dealyed for even a week, they may be rendered outdated or totally useless. These companies are also on the hook for initial printing costs. For them, Canada mail service must be dependable. For them, “Canada mail service you can trust” really means “uninterrupted mail service you can trust.”

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to getting the best mail service Toronto can offer. The internet, of course, is still a great choice for Canada mail service you can trust. There are dozens of libraries and internat cafés in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas. If you must send paper copies or printed versions of your messages, many local printing shops, variety stores and virtual office locations offer inexpensive fax services comparable to Canada Post’s existing mail rates. Courier companies are also a viable alternative. Large or small, they can deliver letters and parcels often the same day or overnight to or from any home or prestigious business address across Canada. However, in general, their prices cannot match those of Canada Post.

So what are your best options? Well, all of the above actually! It really depends on your (or your client’s) budget, urgency of the mailing piece, speed and type of service required. Today’s modern business centres Toronto do offer most of these alternatives to Canada mail service you can trust – internet, fax service, couriers, mail metering and more. One such Toronto business centre listing that is located in downtown Toronto at One Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building), a prestigious business address, is Telsec Business Centres. It offers high-speed internet, mail metering and handling, affordable outgoing fax service and free incoming fax service. You’d be hard-pressed to find any business centre that features no-charge incoming fax service. You can even get inexpensive, dedicated fax service in your own private office! And when you add Telsec’s mass mailing capabilities and quick-printing services, you can indeed reap the benefits of Canada mail service you can trust at a prestigious business address in downtown Toronto. Visit Telsec’s website at www.telsec.net