This past weekend I escaped my Toronto office space and took my girlfriend camping for 5 days. We left on Thursday and headed down to Turkey Point without giving much thought to the date or what towns were not far away.

Thursday was August 12 and Friday would be the 13th, Turkey Point is only minutes away from Port Dover. Every Friday the 13th, thousands of motorcycles from across North America converge on Port Dover and this one was no different.

Actually this Friday the 13th was different, August 13th is the only one this year, so more people made a point of attending. I later heard that police and organizers estimate that more than 150,000 people and over 50,000 motorcycles poured into the town of 6,000 this year.

You could not drive anywhere near the actual town of Port Dover with a car, only motorcycles were allowed. Even the back roads around the area were full of motorcycles trying to find alternative routes into town.

Even the campground that we stayed at had several people who arrived by motorcycle with all their camping gear secured on their bike. I had no clue how much equipment you could carry on a motorcycle, or how light people could travel.  My car was full to the brim with our camping gear, I would not be able to have gone one day camping on a motorcycle with all our stuff.

I had to take the camping essentials like the laptop, coffee maker, camera charger and an electric fan to help cool off the primitive cabin we were staying in.  Yes, we stayed in a cabin, only because we could.  The cabin was very primitive 8′ X 8′ shed like structure with beds and 15 amp electrical service. Not having to pitch a tent or sleep on a deflating air mattress made camping civilized.

Being self employed does not always lend itself to vacations or long weekends, especially when clients sometimes contact me at 8pm at night or Sunday at 11 am. The only reason I was able to get away and out of town was due to where I have my Toronto office space at Telsec. I send a notice to the receptionist to change how my calls were to be handled for the time that I was away, I had the receptionist inform my clients or other callers that I was away at a conference and I was reachable by cell phone for emergencies. While I had my laptop with me, but did not need to use it this weekend (except for my girlfriend to play solitaire on it).

One funny part about the weekend was the guy in the next cabin over had his cell phone ringing off the hook. He works out of Edmonton and Toronto, so when his Ontario clients read that he is scheduled be in Toronto they want to call him to keep in touch. Somehow we got around to talking about how he was thinking about getting a virtual office in Toronto with a live receptionist to manage his calls and a place to pick up his business mail. I told him about the phone answering service and Toronto mail service that I started off with, before eventually getting my Toronto office space without having to change my address or phone number.