While we have been blogging about appropriate business casual attire, it was pointed out to us by one of our office for rent Toronto clients that just because you dress business casual does not mean that you take your business casually. This concept has never been more true. If you choose to dress casually at your office space Toronto, you still need to keep in mind your clients and potential customers’ attitudes to business attire and your sense of professionalism.

The concept of dressing business casual may work within your office space, but you also have to consider exactly when it is appropriate to dress business formal. One of our office space clients reminded us that he prefers business casual on a day-to-day basis, but knows that there will be times he needs to be business formal. His solution is to keep a crisp business suit in a closet at his Toronto office space for rent in the event he needs it. Luckily for him, there is a dry cleaner located on the main floor of the office building that can make his suit look ultra-professional in short order.

As the title of this blog entry implies, business casual does not just apply to business attire. The problem with some businesses is that they implement business casual and then become too relaxed in how they conduct business with clients or customers. As you have most likely heard the words “familiarity breeds contempt”, business casual can also cause people to become too casual in the way they communicate with clients. Some clients or potential customers will back away from wanting to deal with you when the tone of your business conversations become too casual and less professional.

Yes, by all means be comfortable in your dress code. But keep your office space Toronto professional – and make sure your customers and clients perceive you and your company as a professional firm that may have casual dress codes, but always maintains professional attitudes regarding business.