building-more-social-media-influenceBuilding more influence on social media is more about giving back than talking about your product or service through your social channels. The competitive landscape in which your brand operates changes every day. But it must still show potential customers that you are providing more than just a product or service. You need to demonstrate to them that you want to help them.

Helping your potential clients does not always mean finding ways that your product or service can assist them. It can be as simple as sharing your business, marketing or online expertise that has nothing to do with what you promote or sell. This can make your brand top-of-mind when they are looking for what you sell or the services you provide. Telsec Business Centres rarely posts about its office space options or its virtual office products. But it has managed to group its social influence in the online small business communities.

Adapting to the current social media landscape is not an option; it is a requirement. When you established your brand identity, you also learned who your target market was. So, it is also important for any brand or small business to meet their customers wherever they are gaining their social influence from, along with meaningful engagement in the channels that they use.

Those small business owners and entrepreneurs who innovate will succeed. But those who do not keep up with innovations will likely fail. Besides just posting on your social media pages, you have to engage your potential audience in other ways. Where and how your potential clients consume news, interact and engage with information is also very important to consider. How they react to calls to action is likely influenced by whether they are interacting on an office PC, a tablet or their smartphone. Your job is to take into consideration what kind of device you will most likely reach them on.

When considering where you will gain more influence on social media, you have to think about where and when you will have the most influence on your target audience. Do they consume social information when they are working at their office, at home or even on the road? Target your social media interactions when you are most likely to engage potential clients while getting your message to the specific people you want to reach.

The timing of your social media interactions is also important. If you are trying to build your social media influence to other business owners, you are more likely to get their attention early in the day when they are doing their business social media. If your intended area of influence is geared towards consumer products or services, you postings should be later in the day or possibly in the evening.

Do your research and learn who and where the other influencers are, and get involved in those online groups and communities. Demonstrate within those places that you are not just there to promote your product or service, but show that you want to be involved as well.