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If you have budget-conscious clients looking for small to medium office space in the heart of Toronto that includes all the amenities and services of a large office environment, then Telsec Business Centres is your one-stop solution. Telsec Business Centres will provide your clients with short-term or long-term office space that may accommodate anywhere from one person up to 20 or more people. In addition, you may suggest to your clients the Telsec office space option as a short term solution or an interim option while you find them their perfect long-term space.

Our expertise is in providing flexible rental options and office space that is tailored to your client’s very specific needs. Since 1980, we have provided professional office space and services for the benefit of all our clients. Your referral will be no exception.

Call us today to register your client or referral at 416.363.9035, and you could earn a substantial commission.

How to register a referral

Contact our office at 416.363.9035 to provide your referral information.
Upon receipt of your client’s deposit, we will mail you your commission cheque.

It’s that simple

As an added bonus, we keep all information in our secure database for two important reasons:

The more successful referrals you give us, the more likely we will be to recommend you as a preferred broker to others.
If your client in the future wishes to expand into their own raw space, we will inform you immediately.

Telsec Business Centres: Good for brokers, good for clients, good for business. Call us today!

    Please Contact Us

    To better understand your needs, we prefer a phone call. Please call Telsec at 416.363.9035 or toll free 1.877.705.0707 for immediate assistance.

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