A Cheap Day Office or a Cheap Meeting Room – Without Looking Cheap!

July 23rd, 2014|Comments Off on A Cheap Day Office or a Cheap Meeting Room – Without Looking Cheap!

The reason most entrepreneurs or small businesses (who do not have a full-time office) will rent a day office is to impress a client or prospective customer. The trick is to find a cheap day office or cheap meeting room without looking cheap. You also do not want to find the most lavish looking day office that might scare a prospect off by thinking your product or service will be too expensive because of the perceived high-end office. The key to renting a day office is location, as it would be with renting a full-time office. This is especially true if your clients and customers you plan on meeting with (on the same day) are in a specific geographic area. But most often, a central downtown location is the most desired place to have your day office. Besides entrepreneurs looking to impress customers with the atmosphere and amenities of a […]

Your Small Business Meeting Room is Important to Your Customers

June 12th, 2014|Comments Off on Your Small Business Meeting Room is Important to Your Customers

In this day and age, when most small business meetings are conducted over the phone or via online meeting sites like GoToMeeting or Skype, there are still plenty of business transactions and meetings that are done face to face in boardrooms and meeting rooms. Many small businesses who do not have dedicated boardrooms or even a full-time office will frequently look for alternatives. But sometimes those alternative can be detrimental to their business. Small businesses without dedicated meeting rooms or even professional office space will sometimes choose to hold an important meeting in a coffee shop or a hotel lobby. What they fail to understand is the poor impression they are leaving their customer with. The customer who chooses an in-person meeting is looking for the wow factor of the professionalism – and not the cost of the overpriced coffee. Smart small business owners (especially those who have virtual offices […]

Does Your Virtual Office Have a Smiling, Professional Receptionist?

June 9th, 2014|Comments Off on Does Your Virtual Office Have a Smiling, Professional Receptionist?

Yes, you did read the headline correctly! We asked if your virtual office has a smiling, professional receptionist, because some virtual offices do not have receptionists. Instead, your calls are answered by a call centre employee that is working nowhere near the physical reception area of your virtual office. He or she may be working from another city – or even another country! When choosing a virtual office, you want the person answering your calls to not only be in the same city or country as your virtual office address, but you want him or her to be answering your calls where you actually get your mail. Some virtual office packages will tell you they offer call answering for your small business, but they do not tell you where the person answering your call is located. An office business centre that offers offices for rent as well as virtual office […]

Grow Your Small Business With Your Growth in Knowledge

May 12th, 2014|Comments Off on Grow Your Small Business With Your Growth in Knowledge

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to grow their small business, but forget that their own growth of knowledge might just be what their business needs.

Business Centres Make Your Business More Professional

November 20th, 2013|Comments Off on Business Centres Make Your Business More Professional

When talking about office business centres, a lot of people will say that they are used by small businesses to look bigger than they are. The truth is that business centres make your business more professional – and not just because of the professional business address. Having a professional receptionist is not about having the appearance of someone answering your calls; it’s about having someone answer your calls and handling them at your direction in order to better serve your customers and potential clients. While appearances are important to a small business, having the right tools, equipment and on-demand support staff are also very important because they help firms succeed while saving on capital costs – as well as the costs of full-time support staff. The capital costs of leasing or buying modern photocopiers and network printers are burdens that a lot of small businesses do not want to assume, […]

Attending Conventions and Seminars helps us Serve you Better

May 21st, 2013|Comments Off on Attending Conventions and Seminars helps us Serve you Better

Even if you sell widgets, meeting with widget associations and other widget providers, you learn how to be better at servicing your widget customers by attending seminars and conventions of your peers.

Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 1

May 1st, 2013|Comments Off on Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 1

In this series of blogs, we’re exploring why people are choosing to move downtown to be closer to their office space Toronto and enjoy the urban experience of living in the city’s core. We touched on the fact that it is no longer just young single professionals choosing to move downtown, but young married couples who are thinking of starting a family. Even existing families with children are now moving downtown! One of the virtual office clients who was in the office last week to use one of our boardroom rentals, mentioned that his wife was expecting their first child and they have no plans to move away from downtown where he has his business and she has her job. There are several reasons why families want to move into downtown condos. One of the major concerns is the stress on the family caused by long hours of commuting by one […]

Living Closer to Your Office Space Toronto

April 29th, 2013|Comments Off on Living Closer to Your Office Space Toronto

Inspired by some office space inquires from business owners who live downtown, we are blogging about growing number of people who want to live and work downtown

The Smoking Area as a Networking Place Around Office Buildings?

March 16th, 2013|Comments Off on The Smoking Area as a Networking Place Around Office Buildings?

In the latter part of the 20th Century, smoking in offices and other public places like restaurants, bars, malls and convention centres was banned in most cities in North America and other countries around the world. These smoking bans forced those who still smoked to go outside their Toronto office space to have a cigarette. Many Toronto office buildings found that people were congregating around the entrances to buildings, so “designated smoking areas” were created away from the doorways and entrances. With smokers forced to congregate in these designated smoking areas started, it made for a perfect climate for people who did not know each other to begin to talk to each other. After all, most people are not going to just stand there and puff while staring straight ahead. They tend to make small talk with others around them. Often the conversation starts around smokers being the current “bad people” […]

A New Trend Might Be Going Back into Seminar Training Rooms

February 11th, 2013|Comments Off on A New Trend Might Be Going Back into Seminar Training Rooms

The trend over the past decade has been that less and less people are traveling for seminars and conferences and doing things via teleconference and Internet web conferences for training and educational purposes. This trend is not only saving businesses a great deal of money in travel expenses, but it can be much less stressful and taxing than the travel itself. Don’t get too comfortable in your office chair, because there is a new trend that might be a hybrid of classroom training and Internet seminars. There might be some travel time involved, but usually it will be about the same as your commute to your office space Toronto. Over the past two years there have been a few trainers that have been renting Toronto seminar training rooms with teleconferencing abilities, thus allowing them to work with several classrooms in various geographic locations simultaneously. This trend is becoming more popular […]

Toronto Semi-Private Offices are a Great Part Time Office Solution

January 25th, 2013|Comments Off on Toronto Semi-Private Offices are a Great Part Time Office Solution

In our last blog we discussed the benefits of Toronto shared office space and how many businesses that work on the road or in the field find them to be an ideal touchdown office space – without the costs associated with a traditional office space rental. While shared offices can be a great solution for someone who does not need a desk to house their computer, or a filing cabinets for their printed files, Toronto semi-private offices are a great part-time office solution for a business that does not need a full-time office space Toronto. Just like Toronto shared offices, Toronto semi-private offices give an office tenant an economical alternative to renting a private office if he or she cannot justify the expense. One reason some companies find Toronto semi-private offices are a great part-time office solution is that they have the benefits of an executive suite that is complete with a […]

Seasonal Party for Office Staff at Office Space Toronto

December 6th, 2012|Comments Off on Seasonal Party for Office Staff at Office Space Toronto

This blog was inspired by some interesting conversations that happened at the Telsec office space Toronto Christmas party for office for rent Toronto tenants. This year, like previous years, the food and drinks were set up in the boardroom that is just off of the reception area, but most people were standing around the reception area talking and being offered finger foods as the waiter walked through the crowd. Because this was a Christmas party for all office space for lease Toronto tenants, one of the topics of conversation between tenants was how big and diverse the crowd was and maybe Telsec should move next year’s party to one of the larger Toronto meeting rooms or even the seminar training room. Another topic of conversation that was also party-related was where and what type of seasonal party were the office space tenants having for their own staff or clients? A […]

Deciding On a Daily Office Rental or Toronto Meeting Room?

November 28th, 2012|Comments Off on Deciding On a Daily Office Rental or Toronto Meeting Room?

Are you finding yourself deciding on a daily office rental or a Toronto meeting room? If so, you are not alone. Many Toronto virtual office clients and non-virtual office clients will often rent a Toronto meeting room for appointments with their customers, while others prefer to choose a daily office rental to hold small meetings. The choice is usually the desire to impress a client or filling the meeting’s need for amenities. Most small businesses that require a Toronto meeting room will often do so because their home office does not afford them the luxury of having a meeting room. Others who choose to rent Toronto meeting rooms are those who have a small office space but no access to a meeting room with a boardroom table that can accommodate 4 to 12 people and is fully equipped with multimedia presentation equipment. They do not want just any meeting room; they want a meeting […]

Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me

October 18th, 2012|Comments Off on Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me

I have heard of dating “safe calls” for first dates, but the idea of a Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me. Often, when people are meeting for the first date that has been arranged as a blind date or a date over the Internet, they will have a friend make a safe call partly through the date to make sure everything is okay. This is a great way to protect oneself without raising the suspicion of the other person. It seems that a meeting “safe call” is a way to cut short a meeting that is dragging on and not going anywhere. For example, you are meeting with a prospective client or investor and the meeting is scheduled for 30 minutes, but drags on for an hour. With a Toronto meeting space safe call, someone calls you at the 25-minute mark of your meeting. If the meeting […]

Canada a New “Curiosity” for American Businesses seeking Toronto virtual office space

August 14th, 2012|3 Comments

You may not be able to get an office space on Mars, but you can have a Toronto cloud office. Late Sunday night, early Monday morning (depending on your timezone) NASA’s Mars science rover “Curiosity” made its descent through pink Martian skies late on Sunday to clinch an historic landing. Mission controllers burst into applause and cheers as they received signals confirming that the SUV-sized space vehicle had survived a perilous seven-minute descent that NASA has called the most elaborate and difficult task in the history of robotic spaceflight. While Telsec’s Toronto cloud office and office space Toronto staff were enjoying the Toronto civic holiday, voice mail still came in inquiring about cloud office space. It seems that Americans who had watched the “Curiosity” landing realized that if NASA could expand further into space, than maybe they should explore doing business outside of the USA in Canada. They could see the potential of a Toronto virtual […]

Telsec’s Office Space Toronto may be featured in a new Movie

August 10th, 2012|Comments Off on Telsec’s Office Space Toronto may be featured in a new Movie

A film producer was looking for a location to shoot a few segments of his film that would include shots in offices with lake views and offices with city views.  The location scouting team contacted Lindsay (who is one of the office space client specialists), to set up a tour. They took the tour and made some notes, and said they might be in touch. This past week the locations person brought the producer, director and other key people involved for another tour of Telcec’s office space for rent Toronto. They were looking for offices with various views of the city for certain scenes in the film and the location scouting person felt this was the ideal location for them. During the second tour, some of the production staff liked the setup of some of the large Toronto meeting rooms and especially liked the team space office for a few […]

You need a Toronto seminar training room for 50 people? No Problem

August 3rd, 2012|Comments Off on You need a Toronto seminar training room for 50 people? No Problem

Conference or Toronto seminar training room rentals are not always the first thing people think of when they hear the words office business centre. Say office business centre and most people just think of a cost-efficient office space facility with shared amenities and a-la-carte services. While that is a true representation, sometimes they offer more.Telsec not only offers office space Toronto and all the usual amenities and features at its Toronto business centre, they also have two large seminar training rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people in each room. The Toronto seminar training rooms can be configured in various ways depending on the needs of the conference or training session. The room can be set up with theatre-style seating, classroom-style (desks facing forward), horseshoe style or one of many more ways. The type of configuration will determine the number of people the room can accommodate. Some configurations require […]

Small Businesses like those who Rent Toronto Office Space at Telsec are Driving Canada’s Economic Recovery

April 17th, 2012|Comments Off on Small Businesses like those who Rent Toronto Office Space at Telsec are Driving Canada’s Economic Recovery

It is not government bailouts or consumers tightening their belts or even government stimulus money that has helped pull us through this global meltdown. It was small businesses that were prepared for the downturn. Many small business owners knew there was an economic downturn coming, but they did not know when. To prepare for a bad economy, a lot of smart small business owners made sure to get their debts under control and manage the resources they had control of.  One such way that some businesses decided to best use their resources and manage their costs was to abandon the traditional office model and move to an office business centre. By moving away from a traditional office model, they were able to eliminate capital costs of office furniture, leasing or purchasing photocopiers as well as a telephone system (also not requiring to pay the salary of someone to answer the phones). They also were […]

Toronto Seminar Training Rooms

June 24th, 2011|Comments Off on Toronto Seminar Training Rooms

Every month, hundreds of individuals, business professionals and companies browse the internet for an office for rent. Toronto and the GTA boast literally hundreds of executive-style offices for rent, but unfortunately, many are either well beyond an individual’s budget, or they lack accessibility or an upscale, convenient downtown location. Many of these office for rent Toronto seekers end up at Telsec Business Centres. There are several reasons for this. The first is an absolutely ideal location in many respects. Some things to consider when doing your research in to Toronto seminar training rooms: Who will be attending your seminar or training session? Are they local or from out of town? Will they require parking at a convenient location? Will they be traveling by public transit?  Once you have your answers to those questions, you can begin to search for the Toronto training rooms that best suit your needs. Telsec Business Centres office […]