What About Office Space with Fast Internet?

There is currenltly a lot of Toronto office space available, but what about fast internet? When you rent raw office space in Toronto, you still have to get services set up like telephones and Internet. The other factor is the amount of time you have to wait for a service technician to install. Once you are up and running, it is too frequent that you find the speed and bandwidth offered to small business is only slightly more than that alloted to home customers. To get more speed and bandwidth, you have to subscribe to the more dedicated services that can cost several hundreds of dollars per month. Even once you have your Internet connection and telephone services, you still need to purchase expensive telephone equipment to use your phone lines, and routers and firewalls to protect you from...

Day office Rental

I recently spoke with a business man who did a lot of travelling for business and had his office at home. He was considering a getting a Toronto Office Space, but thought he would almost never use it. He only meets with customers in Toronto about one or twice a month. I told him that a day office rental would be a great solution for him. I told him he could have a well appointed fully furnished executive office or even a corner office. If he had appointments with customers, he could inform the receptionist that he is expecting someone. When the customer shows up to meet him, the receptionist would welcome the guest and call him to inform him that his customer has arrived at reception, just like she would do if he was a regular office space rental client. After telling him the benefits and ...

Home Office productivity concerns

Do you have home office productivity concerns? Are you worried that you are not getting enough done by working at home? While some people flourish when working from home, others need the structure of an office space Toronto to really get into working. Telecommuting and working from home, may or may not work for you, or it may work for you some of the time, but not always. Everyone is different and everyones work flow is different. Some people need to work out of an office every day to be the most productive, while others may find they only need to be in the office a few days a week or a few hours every day. Todays big business is trying to get the most out of their office space at the lowest possible costs, so they hire specialized space planning consultants to do  space-use evaluations. J...

Your company can grow without changing your address.

I was talking with a client this week about designing their new web site and business cards. They did not want to put their home address on the site or their cards, but instead were considering a P.O. Box, until they found an office. I promptly told them that a P.O. Box looks more suspect than not putting an address at all. I then told them of the virtues of a Toronto Virtual Office packages that would allow them to not only have a prestigious business address, but also a Toronto telephone number with a live professional receptionist answering his calls.  I told him the best part of signing up for a Virtual Office with Telsec, is when he decides he needs an office, he can upgrade to being an Toronto office space client without the hassle of changing his address or telephone number. A Toron...

Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery

While this current ecomonic crisis is still not showing signs of ending for many large corporations, it is small businesses that are leading the comeback.

Satellite Executive Office

With many companies moving their head offices outside of the city core, they sometimes want to keep an exuctutive presence downtown. In some cases 2 or three executives may even time share at the same downtown executive office.

Your Address is Important to Your Clients

I recently attended a business networking event and was surprised at the fact that fellow attendees were really interested in the address that companies had on their business cards.  My current business card does not have a mailing address on it. While I am a writer and webmaster for Telsec, I am also a client. I have a shared office on the 18th floor at 1 Yonge Street. I did not think it was important to put a mailing address on my business cards for my company, but I was proved wrong at this business networking event. Many of the attendees to this event wanted to know where I had my office.  I took this as a chance to do some research. I told half of the people who asked that I worked from my home and half I told that I have an office at 1 Yonge Street.  I recorded which potential client...

Telsec is to office space Toronto, what WordPress is to Content Management

Toronto office space management is similar to Wordpress web site content management. With Telsec Toronto Office Space, you generate you business content and they take care of the back office management, similarly with Wordpress, you create your website content and Wordpress takes care of the back end of your website and manages your content for you.

Take Your Calls With You … Wherever You Are

You do not always need to be in the office to take your office calls. Not being in the office does not mean you cannot be contacted by clients, especially clients wanting to give you new or more business. Your client can be connected to you without knowing that you are out of your Toronto office space. This is ideal when you only want to be reached during regular business hours and you do not want to give your cell phone number or home office number. You could be working from the cottage and only wishing to take calls in the morning business hours and to be transfered to voice mail in the afternoon. If you are going to be away or on vacation and only wish to have calls sent to voice mail, your Telsec receptionist can inform callers that you are away and offer to send their call to your voi...

Maximize your office space usage, in a mineralized office space

With the advances in technologies in telecommuting, an employee’s office space can be in their home, in their car, in a hotel, or even at their cottage. It is often heard that while some people thrive at working in the environment of their choice, there is still a need for employees of a company to have the social interaction with other employees and supervisors to keep the focus of the tasks and responsibilities they are required to perform. They need to feel they have office space at the companies facility, even if it is a shared office arrangement.