Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 2

While many condominium project or existing condominium buildings do not make a point of advertising as being family or children friendly, many are and the developer or building management do not even know it

Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 1

In this series of blogs, we’re exploring why people are choosing to move downtown to be closer to their office space Toronto and enjoy the urban experience of living in the city’s core. We touched on the fact that it is no longer just young single professionals choosing to move downtown, but young married couples who are thinking of starting a family. Even existing families with children are now moving downtown! One of the virtual office clients who was in the office last week to use one of our boardroom rentals, mentioned that his wife was expecting their first child and they have no plans to move away from downtown where he has his business and she has her job. There are several reasons why families want to move into downtown condos. One of the major concerns is the stress on...

The Benefits for Small Business Owners of Living Downtown

We wanted to talk some specific benefits for small business owners who have downtown Toronto office space in choosing also to live downtown Toronto

Living Closer to Your Office Space Toronto

Inspired by some office space inquires from business owners who live downtown, we are blogging about growing number of people who want to live and work downtown

Business Casual does not just Apply to Business Attire

While we have been blogging about appropriate business casual attire, it was pointed out to us by one of our office for rent Toronto clients that just because you dress business casual does not mean that you take your business casually. This concept has never been more true. If you choose to dress casually at your office space Toronto, you still need to keep in mind your clients and potential customers’ attitudes to business attire and your sense of professionalism. The concept of dressing business casual may work within your office space, but you also have to consider exactly when it is appropriate to dress business formal. One of our office space clients reminded us that he prefers business casual on a day-to-day basis, but knows that there will be times he needs to be business for...

Good Verses Bad Business Casual

A point that I may not have stressed in past blogs in this series about business casual is that there is good business casual and there is bad business casual – but then there is GQ business casual that may not work for everyone. One thing for sure is that good business casual still means “dressing for success in relaxed business attire” and bad business casual means “going out of business soon.” Those are comments I overheard one of Telsec’s office space Toronto clients say in the kitchen to another Toronto office space client after reading this blog series. Neither office space for rent Toronto tenant knew that the third person in the kitchen was the person who wrote the blogs. I guess I just outed myself and my cover is busted. The point of this blog is to ...

What should Women wear as Business Casual Attire?

To start off this blog, I will say that I am not a woman, but I have talked to many women about this topic as part of my research. The best way to start off is to quote a woman who simply stated “What ever you you do, don’t confuse club attire with business attire. That being said, if you would wear it to a club, you probably should not wear it in an office space business environment.” Though this is good advice, I am sure that many women who work in professional office space environments already realize that. The intent of this blog is to explore good ideas regarding what women should wear in a business casual office setting. Just like my blog on business-casual-for-men-at-the-office, I will make it fun, but talk about the basics of how women should dress casually for th...

Business Casual for Men at The Office

As I mentioned in the last blog, I had a blog request from one of our followers to write about the subject of business casual in a fun way that was not preachy. I decided in this blog to specifically talk about business casual for men and explore options of how to dress appropriately for your office space environment, while still being able to feel relaxed and casual. Lets first talk about the basics. Unless you are a top executive working for a computer company in an office space that is more about creativity and development of software, jeans are not even close to business casual unless they are black and crisp. Even black and crisp jeans are not really business casual, but with the right accessories you could pull it off. But for now let’s say no to jeans. The best casual slacks a...

A requested Blog Series about Business Casual

the definition of what to wear at the office has changed over the years and sometimes it has gone a little too casual. On a typical day around Telsec’s office space Toronto, you will see people in various types of business dress

Just what are Data Back-up Appliances?

As we wrap up our office space blog series on data storage and back-up, we need to address the topic of data back-up appliances. Not everyone feels comfortable relying on cloud back-up, and even those who use a cloud service provider may still want to keep a local back-up copy anyway. When considering keeping a local back-up in-house, you may want to consider using a purpose-built back-up appliance that combines software and the hard drive disk space needed for back-ups. Purpose-Built Back-up Appliances are designed to improve the back-up process by decreasing back-up and recovery windows across multiple applications and computer operating platforms. They work by leveraging disk-based technology so that they are less sensitive to network latency than tape media, yet are far faster at locat...