Is your Organization ready for VoIP?

As we mentioned in our previous blog Technological Advances in VoIP, VoIP is evolving, and as it does your company has to consider when you are ready for VoIP and when will it suit your organizational needs. Voice over Internet Protocol communication is maturing. Just as high-speed Internet becomes cheap and ubiquitous, an increasing number of businesses are ditching conventional landlines and jumping to VoIP. Before you make that jump, you also need to make sure that you are 100% ready. The concept of VoIP sounds almost magical and the hype makes it sound more flexible, more full-featured, and best of all, significantly cheaper than placing your calls through traditional telephone service providers on existing equipment. You have to ask yourself if is VoIP really all it’s cracked up...

Technological Advances in VoIP

VoIP is a proving to be a self-improving technology that responds to customer demands, business dynamics and new innovations available from developers.

An Introduction to VoIP Technology

To Begin with, lets start with "what is VoIP"? The first thing we should tell you is that the acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP Telephony or Internet Telephony.

Doing more Homework on Customer Service

As you begin developing the customer service strategies for your company or organization, one of the key things you need to set in place is a way to measuring your your customer service standards

What Makes Good Customer Service and Exceptional Customer Service?

So what exactly is good or exceptional customer service? There is no one magic solution for providing good customer service but there are some things you can do to that will better your customers experience.

In Customer Service, is the Customer Always Right?

As we have been talking about customer service, we wanted to share a question from one of our Toronto office space tenants who asked our blogger "Why do people say 'The customer is always right'? When sometimes the customer is actually wrong?", to which our blogger said that he will investigate and write about it.

So what is Customer Service?

In considering what customer service is, we should look back at the history of customer service. Long before there was the phrase "customer service" or even before goods and services were exchanged for currency, there was always that desire by those exchanging products or services in fairness.

Customer Service and the Importance of Quality Customer Service

After some research, I found some help and advice that will help Telsec deliver better customer service for not only our office space tenants, but also our Toronto virtual office clients. I then realized that what i found could be be of interest to those who read our office space Toronto blog for business advice.

If There is No Trade Association of Professional Group for Your Industry, Start Your Own

Even with the diverse group of business associations that are around and available, there is a chance that you might not be able to find one fit your business and others companies with similar unique business circumstances.

How you can have a Chance at Winning $100 BonAppetit Gift Card and more

We have had contests in the past on our office space Toronto Facebook page, but now we want to have one that will involve this blog and our Google Plus page. All you need to do is to comment on one of our blog posts here or follow us and comment on one of our Google Plus postings. You can give your self additional chances here on the blog by clicking on the social media buttons about the blog entry and Like the posting on Facebook, Share the posting on Twitter or LinkedIn, or click to give the blog posting a G+. Our grand prize that will be drawn July 2 is a $100 BonAppetit Gift Card that is good for use at Montana’s Cookhouse, Milestone’s Grill & Bar, Kelsey’s, Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill, or Harvey’s ($100 would buy a lot of hamburgers!). Our secondary...