A Virtual Office Refresher

Most people who have read our blogs or visited our website understand that a virtual office provides communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. So we wanted to point out some of the reasons businesses choose a virtual office for their base of operations. The virtual office idea came from a combination of technological innovation and the emergence of the information age. The virtual office concept is often said to be an evolution of the executive suite and small office business centre industry. Just as the demand for low-cost business addresses spurred the executive suite industry (because of the inflexibility of a traditional office space lease), the desire to work away from the office and still have a ...

Time to Talk About Nap’s – and Naps!

Back in April we posted a blog called When is it a Good Time for Small Business to NAP? But it was not the type of “nap” our readers were expecting to read about. The blog was about the importance of having your Name Address and Phone number (NAP) listed on as many relevant websites in order to help a business rank higher on Google Local searches – as well a to be more easily found on Google Maps and GPS devices. Having conflicting NAP’s on various source sites could work against a business due to the confusion. For the purpose of this blog entry, we are going to discuss the traditional nap, or as some call it “the power nap.” Study after study has shown that a 20-minute to 30-minute nap can help to regain short-term alertness during the work day. According to...

Tips for Renting Office Space or an Apartment

When people think about renting office space, the forget that finding a quality office space is similar to finding an apartment rental. But sometimes finding a good office space is a lot easier and comes with a lot less hassles. So here are some tips that can be applied to both office space rentals and apartment rentals. Tip #1: Location, Location, Location Ideally, you want to find an office space location that is both prestigious and convenient. A prestigious office location will tell your customers and potential clients that you mean business and that you have standards. But be careful not to choose a location that will intimidate your clients into believing your prices will be too high in order to afford this address. The location of your office space also needs to be convenient for yo...

Flexible Office Space Solutions are not new at Telsec

The new buzzword in office rentals is “Flexible.” But flexible office space solutions are not new at Telsec. Since 1980 we have been offering flexible office space to entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large businesses that needed a serviced office without all the problems of a traditional raw office space. In this blog entry we will discuss the various ways that Telsec is flexible, including: size and types of offices; length of rental agreement; included services and a-la-cart services; and telephone and mail options. Having over 100 different offices in various sizes and configurations allows tenants the flexible options they want in terms of the type of office that best suits their needs. For businesses who want a prestigious executive office with a city view or a vie...

Office Space Solutions for Colds and Flu

It is cold and flu season once again and people around our office space for rent Toronto are scrambling to find the cure all ... but the best cure for colds and flu's is prevention. While getting the flu shot will help, there are plenty of ways to help prevent the spread of the flu.

Info for Virtual Office Clients Looking to Upgrade to an Office Space Client

After our last blog entry, one of our virtual office clients phoned in with a question of his own. He wanted to know the difference between a co-working office and a shared office. It seems that he currently had a Toronto Mail Service account with Telsec and now requires something more. The office space administrator decided that, rather than just send him the link to our previous blog about the benefits of shared office space over coworking office space, we should write another blog with direct comparisons of key features. The virtual office client asked “for those small businesses, freelancers, independents and work-from-home businesses, what are some options for physical office space as opposed to traditional office space for lease Toronto solutions or virtual office plans?”...

The Questions Children ask about Business Centres

Recently, one of our office space Toronto tenants brought their 10 year old son to work with him one Saturday afternoon for the first time. Like most 10 year olds, he was full of questions, most of them were about what kind of work his father did and how he did his work.

End-of-Summer Sales are not Just for Back to School

while Telsec may not have any "Back To School" sales or introductory offers that you end up paying more later for, our staff are willing to compete with written quotes from other business centres.

Wired or Wireless Office Space: How do you Choose?

Ever wonder which is faster or better for your business, using a wireless Wi-Fi or plugging directly into the wired Ethernet?

Let’s talk about Workplace Stress and Men’s Skin Care

Lets talk about a few things that are often not talked about in the business world, stress and men's skin care