Ignore the Trending Business Ideas When Starting up

If you have ever done a Google search for what is "trending in small business ideas" or top work from home businesses", chances are there are thousands of others looking for those same trends

Incorporating Your Small Business

There are many pros and cons of incorporating a small business, depending a lot on individual situations. For some small businesses, the question may not be if, but when they should incorporate

Vertical Integration and Horizontal Integration as Ways to Expand Your Business

There are two way for companies to grow. They can grow horizontally by purchasing another company in their industry or the can grow vertically and buy companies that are up or down their supply chain. Vertical Integration Vertical integration can bring you closer to the customer if you also have a hand in the distribution of your product. In the vertical integration business expansion model, companies expand by gaining control of their entire supply chain. The benefit of this type of expansion is to gain more control over cost, quality and delivery times. Apple for years has championed a vertical model, including opening their own retail outlets. Other businesses that have proved that vertical Integration works are Google, who acquired mobile-device maker Motorola Mobility so that they hav...

Buying an Existing Small Business

There are basically two ways of buying an existing business – buying an existing business or buying a franchise (new or existing). With a non-franchise business there is less support than with a franchise business, but there are also no franchise fees and/or royalties to be paid. For the purposes of this blog, we will not be looking at manufacturing or inventory-based businesses, but more service-bases small businesses. One of the first steps that someone taking over an existing small business should consider is to do a review of its history and the way it operates. This means having a thorough look through its’ financial statements (this is best done by an accountant who knows what to look for). The buyer should also review the operating documents and practices. Some of the it...

Tracking Your Online Marketing

It is great that you are now marketing your product or service online, but what are you using to measure what is working?

Free ways of Promoting Your Small Business Online

Now that we have talked about online marketing and establishing your budget and where to spend your online marketing dollars, lets look at some of the free way of promoting your small business online.

How are you Going to use Online Marketing to Further Your Small Business?

Once you have determined your online marketing budget, then you will want to know how to use your marketing spend in the most effective way. Again, as with our previous blog on how much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing, you have to determine the most effective ways of utilizing that budget to the fullest extent. Here are some ways to use online marketing to grow your small business: • Geo-targeting. Do you have a small business that caters to a very specific location or neighbourhood? Geo-targeting allows you to advertise to potential customers in a specific geographic area or location. Most online advertising sites will allow you to Geo-target your ads to people in specific geographical areas, right down to a zip code or postal code. • Contextual advertising. ...

How much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing?

Your online budget is not just what you spend on online advertising, but also the resources that you dedicate to it.

How Can Small Businesses Deliver Bad Customer Service?

Bad customer service has the potential to cost your business customers before they even before the make a purchase.

More Customer Service Tips for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

In our quest to bring small business advice to our office-space tenants and virtual office clients, we have been publishing a number of articles on our blog to help them. One of our Toronto virtual office clients suggested we post about better ways to interact with your customers to improve customer service. So here is more advice….. Decide who supports who and don’t overwhelm your staff with the number of customers they support. Your clients in a business-to-business relationship want to know who they deal with and how easy it is to get in touch with that person who personalizes their sales and service. Assign a rep to each client and give them a back-up rep they can contact in the event of a problem. Each type of business has different personalization needs between customers ...