Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Are you sitting comfortably at your desk? You might be considering standing up by the time you finish reading this. It seems that experts are saying “sitting is our generation’s smoking.” Research is suggesting that we are spending too much time sitting instead of standing and that could have damaging effects on our physical well being. Some business experts like Nilofer Merchant spoke at the TED Conference in 2013 about this issue. Merchant said people now sit for an average of 9.3 hours each day, compared with sleeping an average of 7.7 hours daily. She also wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review called Sitting is the Smoking of our Generation, describing how she was converted from sit-down meetings to walking meetings as a way of staying healthier. Other healt...

The Heartbleed Bug and Small Business

It seems the tech talk around the world over the past week has been Heartbleed. This newly discovered security vulnerability puts users’ passwords at many popular websites at risk of being exploited. Even this morning at our office space for lease, small business owners are talking about this latest security problem and are asking questions. Heartbleed is the name for a vulnerability in the OpenSSL (Open Source Secure Sockets Layer) encryption model that is used by many popular websites, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the Canada Revenue Agency, along with many others. When you connect to one of these trusted websites, the extend “handshake” between your computer and the web server that sets up the secure connection changes the http to https in the address bar and add...

The Real Signs That Spring is Truly Here

While spring officially arrived March 20th, it did not exactly feel like spring that day. The real signs that spring is truly here begin when you start overhearing people around your office space talk about going to a baseball game, spring cleaning, getting out on their motorcycle for the fist time since October or setting a 2 pm tee time on a Friday afternoon. What you do not expect to hear is someone mentioning making an appointment in April to get snow tires changed, especially living in Toronto (Really, you still have snow tires on your car? I don’t think I have even had any!). Just last weekend was the Jays home opener. Friday night brought out 48,197 fans and 300 members of the media to the Rogers Centre. Most of the fans were there for the baseball, but a lot of the media (fro...

Why Does an Office Business Centre Write Small Business Advice Articles?

The question of why Telsec Business Centres writes a blog that mainly gives small business tips has once again been asked in our social media channels.

Seven Reasons you Should Hire a Freelance Blogger

Small business owners cannot afford to miss out on the marketing value of a blog. But many can also not afford to hire a staff member to look after it or to have a an existing staff member take on other responsibilities that they are not trained to deal with. So we compiled the top seven reasons for hiring a freelance blogger to take on this role. 1 Get more traffic that translates to sales. A blogging pro knows exactly how to massage your ideas into a tight, well-written piece that is informative and engaging to your audience. An effective post helps your company’s target market without using an annoying and often impersonal hard sell. Well researched and delivered content is what convinces visitors to become readers, readers to become customers, and customers to remain loyal to you...

Increasing Your Stock of Images for Your Small Business

In a world of convenience it is far easy to turn to Stock Photography and Image depositories to populate your website, blogs, social media and marketing materials with these of the rack images.

Building Stock in Your Small Business Using Professional Photography

One of our Facebook followers asked us to talk about Photography vs Stock Photography, so we looked to one of our office space clients Ian for the answers.

Why a Mail Service is Better Than a P.O. Box as Your Business Address?

Every once in a while the topic of P.O. Boxes being bad for business comes up. The reason for this is that consumers and businesses alike are often hesitant about dealing with a business that does not have an actual business address. Business-to-business dealings are all about knowing where to find your vendor and seeing that the vendor has credibility. Some businesses that use smaller vendors, freelance consultants, or want to work with a start-ups understand that some businesses are home-based operations. When they see a company is using a P.O. Box, they often question the professionalism of that business. When consumers are looking to do business, they are looking to find a company they can trust and be able to reach quickly. Often when dealing with businesses for higher-priced services...

Virtual Offices Attract the Attention of the Technology Sector

Now, more and more start ups and even established small businesses are re thinking their office needs and looking more closely at virtual office solutions for their business.

The Human Side of Social Media

Far too often companies who are using their social media channels as another avenue to promote themselves forget that the people and business owners who are reading and following them are actual human beings. Social media posters need to understand what the content being provided means to their audience as a person or business entity without being talked down to. People follow your content, not your machines. We came up with a few quick tips that will help you create better content based on what your followers want to read Give your followers a reason to follow you in the first place. Are you covering the topics they want to hear? Create the content with your audience in mind. Did you create it for you or them? Your social media interactions should be a two-way conversation. Are you listen...