How are you Going to use Online Marketing to Further Your Small Business?

Once you have determined your online marketing budget, then you will want to know how to use your marketing spend in the most effective way. Again, as with our previous blog on how much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing, you have to determine the most effective ways of utilizing that budget to the fullest extent. Here are some ways to use online marketing to grow your small business: • Geo-targeting. Do you have a small business that caters to a very specific location or neighbourhood? Geo-targeting allows you to advertise to potential customers in a specific geographic area or location. Most online advertising sites will allow you to Geo-target your ads to people in specific geographical areas, right down to a zip code or postal code. • Contextual advertising. ...

How much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing?

Your online budget is not just what you spend on online advertising, but also the resources that you dedicate to it.

How Can Small Businesses Deliver Bad Customer Service?

Bad customer service has the potential to cost your business customers before they even before the make a purchase.

More Customer Service Tips for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

In our quest to bring small business advice to our office-space tenants and virtual office clients, we have been publishing a number of articles on our blog to help them. One of our Toronto virtual office clients suggested we post about better ways to interact with your customers to improve customer service. So here is more advice….. Decide who supports who and don’t overwhelm your staff with the number of customers they support. Your clients in a business-to-business relationship want to know who they deal with and how easy it is to get in touch with that person who personalizes their sales and service. Assign a rep to each client and give them a back-up rep they can contact in the event of a problem. Each type of business has different personalization needs between customers ...

Customer Service Advice For Small Business

Providing good customer service is a key factor in customer retention, building a reputation of quality service and good customer service is almost more important for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Make Your Own Reality TV Show

There are TV shows about fashion and home makeovers, but there are few shows that will do a makeover for your small business. Well, you could try to get an investment from a Dragon or a Shark. But that will only change the economics of your business and give someone else the power to change your dream. Here are some tips from our webmaster that you can play with and use as you like. • Create your own business makeover show that features your business. Buy an inexpensive HD video camera and document what changes you are making to make your business better. Edit those videos and put them on YouTube. If you post something interesting, you will get likes for your video and attention from prospective customers. • Make a fun video about your product or service. Not a funny video that makes fun o...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-working Offices

Over the past number of years a new office trend emerged. Well, not exactly a new office trend, just the renaming and modifying the concept of the shared office or hot desking. This new trend is called CoWorking office space

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Offices

Being that we write about the advantages of virtual offices all the time,it is quite easy for us to point out the various and many advantages of a virtual office. When it came to finding disadvantages to virtual offices, so we had to scour the internet looking for disadvantages. The disadvantages we found were mostly in respect to employees that telecommuted through a virtual office.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Offices?

We have been told that while we promote the advantages for businesses to have an office space in a serviced office facility like our office business centre, we have not discussed the perceived disadvantages or the types of business that would not benefit from having a serviced office. First we will restate the advantages and then address the disadvantages that some critics have about them.

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business

In our previous blog about Cloud Storage Options for Small Business, we did not address the other type of cloud computing that is important to small businesses – back-ups. While it is easy to use a cloud storage and synchronization service for a small amount of files, it is not as easy to use them to back-up large amounts of data. This is the data that may not be used on a regular basis, but data that is still important to your business – typically files such as databases, product development records, historical data, old and archived files, and other files that are kept on your computer or server. So instead of doing our typical research, we asked some of our office space Toronto tenants what back-up services they use. While some claimed they still used back-up drives and portable h...