An Interview with Office Client John Barry

An Interview with John Barry John: Hello, my name is John Barry. I’m the North American Human Resource Manager for ECC Japan. ECC is large. We’re coming up on our 53rd anniversary, and we’re a large educational organization in Japan offering all sorts of educational opportunities and courses. My primary focus is to recruit native English speaking North Americans to go teach English in Japan, and have a great experience. Interviewer: And why do your customers or clients prefer ECC as opposed to other educational groups? John: ECC has a great name in the English conversation arena in Japan. And they have, for example, what we consider full-time positions. That is, twenty nine and a half hours per week. Doesn’t that sound pretty good? And seven weeks’ paid vacati...

Having an Emergency Action Plan in Your Office Space

Planning how you are going to recover from a disaster is very important, but knowing how you and your staff are going to react to a disaster when it is actually happening is far more important.

What Happens to a Small Business When it ‘Graduates’ out of Coworking?

An often talked about term in the coworking movement is “graduating” out of coworking and into your own space, but what if you are in need of more private workspace and are not ready to set up your raw office space in a traditional office building?

What This Blog Writer Learned About Coworking That Changed His Perception

I spent a few days attending a coworking conference (or "unconference conference" as they called it) recently and was not expecting to learn what I did about co-working.

Andrea Swenton of Hearing Foundation of Canada Video Interview

Andrea Swenton Interview 0:01 Ian: Hi, can you just state your name and who you’re with? 0:06 Andrea Swenton: I am Andrea Swenton. I am the executive director with the Hearing Foundation of Canada. 0:11 Ian: And what is it that the Hearing Foundation of Canada is? 0:16 Andrea Swenton: Well, we’re Canada’s only charity that’s focused on medical research, education and advocacy having to do with hearing loss. 0:24 Ian: And is there anything else about the charity that you want to say? 0:30 Andrea Swenton: Well, just that you know we fund research in to medical ahh, medical research for hearing loss one of the things people don’t know about that, is that there are cures for certain types of hearing loss that can be reversed and it’s an important issue and i...

Interesting Innovation for People who Want to Sit or Stand While Working

This is turning into an interesting week. On Wednesday I attended the first day of a three-day event hosted by GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) Canada as media and I am looking forward creating a blog about it for next week. One of the things that made Wednesday interesting was meeting Tim Chung, the engineer who invented the “Lift Top: The Portable Sit-Stand Solution” that he hopes will revolutionize how we work. While attending the GCUC Unconference, Tim was looking forward to 1 PM when his Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to launch. While I had a little giggle as he told me about his Kickstarter lunching, I explained to him the coincidence of me just writing a blog article about crowdfunding and another article some time ago about standing and working. When ...

Crowdfunding is not Just for Raising Small Business Capital

Many small businesses (and larger ones too) are starting to realize that crowdfunding represents a unique marketing opportunity for forwarding-thinking companies to dramatically strengthen consumer ties with their brand.

Small Business Marketing Problems and how to Overcome Them

When your small business is one that is B2B (Business to Business), there are a number of problems that are faced, primarily marketing your small business. To help identify some of these problems, we talked to the small business owners who rent physical office space or have virtual offices and services with us. The primary problem that our office clients told us was identifying their target market, because their first instinct is that everyone is their target market. This creates a problem – because without targeting their audience, they are missing key opportunities from potential customers who want to hear from them specifically. In many cases, broad-based marketing does not work because it gets lost in the sea of companies trying to market to everyone. Once a small business defines its ...

Working From Home: It Sounds Great in Theory, but Will it Work for Your Small Business?

Many entrepreneurs and would-be small business owners dream about being able to work from home. They imagine themselves in their perfect little home office zipping through tasks while sipping a cup of Tim Hortons or Starbucks, being super efficient and getting the job done. But sometimes that is not the reality. While there are many types of businesses that can be run from home, success depends on many factors and the business model to make it work. Any small business that relies on in-person contact with clients and customers is probably not the best kind of business to run from home. Also, do you really want to bring people into your home who you really do not know? Yes, compared to the traditional office, a home office seems like an oasis, and you would think that you would get more wor...

Evolving Technologies are Redefining What Canadians Look for in a Workplace

Technology has dramatically reshaped the average workplace in North America over the past few decades. The office environment of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is no longer the norm. Instead, the office and work environment has been taken over by rapid technological advancement. Technology now allows workers to interact with a global market, and even work from home or take work with them while on the road. Advancement of technology has changed everything in terms of how we work and where we work too. Evolving technology has opened doors for innovation, efficiency, research and further education. Technology has become an integral part of how we work and how we deliver our products and services to our customers. The influx of new technologies that has been making an im...