Finding Office Space With no App Required

You are always hearing people say "oh, there is an app for that" about almost everything. But do you really need an app for that?

Sometimes Choosing an Office Space Location is not Just About Geography

Yes, the tried-and-true statement in business is often “Location, Location, Location” in terms of the address where you locate. But that is not the only factor that you need to consider when choosing an office space location. Sometimes choosing an office space location is not just about geography and the physical location of your office. There are a number of other factors you need to consider. Your office location is not only important to your customers and visitors, but it is also important to your staff. Hiring and retaining good employees can partly be due to the office location and preferred working environment of your staff. Look at Google Canada in Toronto. A few years back, Google moved from its suburban Mississauga location to office space in downtown Toronto. Why? Bec...

Online Business Networking Should not Replace in-Person Networking

Networking yourself or your small business is said to go hand-in-hand with running a successful business. But be careful what you do while networking, because it can be your greatest undoing, if it is not well done.

Why a BIA Could be Good for Your Small Business

Throughout the world Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are helping to re-shape the traditional assumptions of public management.

Could a Sleepbox be Good for Your Small Business?

Sleepboxes are popping up in airports and other places as micro capsule hotels around the world. These pod hotel rooms are a great way to relax or sleep during long layovers or an inexpensive way to get some rest while traveling, but more and more cities are seeing these Sleepbox hotels being set up as affordable alternatives to traditional hotels for business travelers and tourists.

Making the Most of Your Virtual Office

Do you really know what a virtual office is? When was the first time you heard the term “virtual office”? I never heard the words until I started my first small business and could not afford an actual office. But a friend suggested that I might consider having a virtual office to look more professional than working from my home. With business rents throughout much of Canada and especially the GTA continuing to increase, the virtual office solutions seemed to be sensible alternatives to the high costs of renting office space, particularly during those precious early years when working capital was limited. I needed a business address that was not my home address and I needed to look professional. I spend days looking at office space rentals that I thought I could afford, but the ...

How to Create and Promote Your SMB or Startup with Seminars and Training

So you are looking to get more exposure for your small business. Just how do you do it? Offering seminars and training sessions on the things your clients and customers need and want is the best way to engage them. There are two easy ways to have a seminar or training session that your customers will gain knowledge from, but you need to decide which will truly get their attention. Online webinars and seminars are great for reaching a broader audience, but do they really hold the attention of the customers or potential clients that you want? Having an in-person live conference with your small business clients in a conference room or meeting room will help to deliver your message better. Even if you only have a small group of people in your live session, and others in your live online sessio...

When you Realize That you Need a Bigger Boardroom for Your Meeting

Most small businesses who work from home or in a one room office don't have the luxury of having a meeting room or a boardroom, because that is an added expense that they do not need to be paying rent on.

An Interview with Office Client John Barry

An Interview with John Barry John: Hello, my name is John Barry. I’m the North American Human Resource Manager for ECC Japan. ECC is large. We’re coming up on our 53rd anniversary, and we’re a large educational organization in Japan offering all sorts of educational opportunities and courses. My primary focus is to recruit native English speaking North Americans to go teach English in Japan, and have a great experience. Interviewer: And why do your customers or clients prefer ECC as opposed to other educational groups? John: ECC has a great name in the English conversation arena in Japan. And they have, for example, what we consider full-time positions. That is, twenty nine and a half hours per week. Doesn’t that sound pretty good? And seven weeks’ paid vacati...

Having an Emergency Action Plan in Your Office Space

Planning how you are going to recover from a disaster is very important, but knowing how you and your staff are going to react to a disaster when it is actually happening is far more important.