This week we did a few blogs about Big Data that got some attention, but not as much as other series we have done. So we will look at other topics for future blogs. This writer was thinking about this while watching his guilty pleasure “Big Brother Canada” and thought it would be funny to see how the game would play out in his Toronto office space.

The game of “Office Space Big Boss” would be a homage to our bloggers favourite reality show “Big Brother.” In “Office Space Big Boss” 10 entrepreneurs would be competing not for a large sum of cash or a job, but instead for a corner window office to run their business from for one year. These entrepreneurs would not be locked inside a Team Space office, but instead would have to just work in the office for 12 to 23 hours a day for 6 weeks and would be sent back to hotels each night (because we would not be that cruel to have them stay in the same place every night). “Office Space Big Boss” contestants would not have to compete in grueling physical competitions to get the key to the corner office (well maybe an 18th-floor stair race carrying a box of paper!). Instead, they would have to perform a series of office tasks for virtual office clients and office space Toronto tenants including making coffee for clients.

Just like all reality shows, each week one or two people will have to be evicted (or fired), so the weekly holder of the key to the corner office has to nominate two people to leave the office space for that week. Instead of the other “Office Space Big Boss” contestants voting to say who gets evicted and who stays, both the virtual office clients and office space for rent Toronto tenants are surveyed to see who goes home – and as a result, does not have a chance to win the corner office.

We could go on and give more examples of the competitions, rewards and punishments, but that would not be as much fun as having our current readers and loyal Facebook friends.