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Back to School is on the Horizon – but is Your Business Taking Full Advantage?

rent office space TorontoEvery year in August we see TV commercials that promote back-to-school specials. Most come from the big box stores or the business supply stores that are always looking for ways to get you to visit them. It’s called marketing.

Yes, not all small businesses are selling products related to returning to school, so how can they cash in on this marketing opportunity? There are lots of ways you can attract back-to-school shoppers to your products and services and increase your back-to-school sales, even if you are not selling to this specific market.

If your products or services have no obvious back-to-school tie-in, you can still create one. Your small business has something to offer the parents of children going back to school. Remind them that you are still there for them and maybe they should come visit you. Even if you’re not selling school supplies or clothing, there are lots of ways you can attract back-to-school shoppers to your products and services and increase your sales. Don’t forget that back-to-school means different schedules for parents too. Some parents tend to do things for themselves or things they’ve been putting off. So promote the possible time-saving features of your products and services – and how they can relieve the stress of getting their children back into the school routine.

Need more back-to-school marketing ideas? Hair salons can offer discounted back-to-school cuts and hair services. Errand services can offer to do customers’ back-to-school shopping. Tutors can promote “early bird” registration – and so on. Remember that just because your small business’s products or services aren’t directly school-related, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on potential back-to-school sales. You need to pull out your creativity card and find a way to cash in on these types of sales for your small business. Give your customers some well-thought-out “last chance” deals before school starts that will make the transition less stressful.

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