With several failed attempts including last week’s “top kill” method had failed to contain the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States government is now seeking a Hollywood ending. The latest person to be recruited to help ending the spill is “Avatar” and “Titanic” film director James Cameron.

Cameron was invited to Washington to meet with scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other officials for a brainstorming session to help find solutions to end this environmental disaster. Cameron attended the meeting along with deep-ocean expert Phil Nuyteen, president of Vancouver-based Nuytco Research, a world leader in underwater technology.

Cameron is considered one of the leading experts in underwater filming and remote vehicle technology, He owns a private fleet of deep-dive craft, that he purchased for the filming of the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic. It is said that he had previously offered British Petroleum (BP) the use of a number of his privately owned submarines for help in the oil giant’s efforts to stem the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, if you are regular reader of this blog, you are asking your probably wondering what this has to do with downtown Toronto office space… Absolutely nothing, but It is a very important story in terms of one of the largest man made environmental disasters.