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Office Space

Audition for a horror film

I enjoy acting and I do it for the fun of it, not for fame or the money. I like to make my real income from my web development and photography work. Acting in TV and film roles gives me an outlet, a way of expressing myself and becoming someone else for the moments that I am in front of the camera. My agent would prefer if I dedicated myself 100% to my acting, but I think I am too old to give up everything and pursue that goal.

The funny part about this horror film that I was auditioning for is that the producer let me know the location where my scene would be shot. It was going to be shot at a condominium in the World Trade Center.

The amusing part is that the World Trade Center condominiums are located directly across the street from my office space Toronto. I could film my scene in a few hours and be back on set across the road from my Toronto office space in a matter of minutes.

About Ian Payton

Responsibilities: Social Media Coordination and content creation for companies like the Toronto International Bicycle Show. Outside of work for primary clients,work was done for smaller clients like branches of the Royal Canadian Legion designing and revitalizing web sites. Conceptualizing strategies for online and offline marketing as well as promotional activities for other companies.

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