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Why is a Mail Forwarding Service Better Than Post Office Change of Address Mail Forwarding?

By |April 21st, 2022|Categories: Mail Forwarding Service, Virtual Office|

When you are just starting out your small business, or when your business begins to grow, you will probably need to change your business address. You might need to change it once, twice or even more times – depending on the type of business, the type of location, or what your future office space needs and requirements are. With that in mind, it’s essential to understand how to protect your business from losing mail after conducting a post office change of address service. Sometimes, clients will use your old address without realizing you have moved, and your mail will get lost in the process. But using a mail forwarding service can stop this from happening. Learn how to forward mail in Canada, how to complete a post office change of address in Ontario, and why third-party mail forwarding services are better than Canada post mail forwarding services. What is a […]

Don’t Look for Cheap Virtual Office Space

By |September 26th, 2021|Categories: Downtown Toronto Office Space, Office Space|

The ideal situation is to find virtual office solutions without the cost of a traditional physical office space and still have the professional appearance of having a prestigious business address. So why would you look for cheap virtual office space? Location of the virtual offices Cheap virtual office spaces are not often located in the downtown or even in a building that one would associate with a business office. Some cheap virtual office spaces are no more than post-office-style boxes located in a storefront or an industrial complex. The cost savings of going for a cheap virtual office will end up costing your business more in terms of professional appearance and reputation in your customers’ eyes when they decide one day to stop into your office. When considering cheap virtual office space, you also have to consider what else the virtual office provider is offering and what services will cost […]

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