Are you more sick of hearing  about the Tiger Woods affair or hearing Christmas music on the office radio.

It seems you cannot turn on the radio without either hearing Christmas music on every station or talk about Tiger Woods affair on the stations that do not have Christmas music on. Do not get me wrong, I like Christmas music for 3 or 4 days leading up to Christmas Eve, but not a month of the same 8 or 10 songs being repeated.

Why do all the non music radio stations think I am interested in the details and hearing the answering machine message that a billionaire athlete leaves for his mistresses? There has to be more important things for the media to cover.

I am just glad when I get out of my car and get into my Telsec office space rental, so that I can listen to what I want to listen to while I work.  Telsec super fast internet connection allows me to download the pod casts I want to listen to in seconds.  Oh when I want to listen to a few Christmas songs, I can download free Christmas songs from The popular online bookstore and music site is offering everyone to download one free Christmas song per day till Christmas, even Lady Gaga singing “Christmas Tree”.  I might just download  “Joy to the World” performed by Casting Crowns or  Tori Amos singing “Snow Angel”.  Or I can go to  Jingle Bell Jukebox and listen to various songs from many different artists, from the Berl Ives classics, Elvis and even modern jazz artists Straight No Chaser.

And remember at Telsec the coffee and tea are always complimentary