It is often said that the parking enforcement officers are like vultures. Some would even say they are worse than the highway tow trucks who monitor police radios so they can charge hundreds of dollars for a tow that should cost $60.

Tonight, I got a parking ticket that I should not have to pay, it is also one that I should not even have to waste my time fighting. I parked my car at 6:10 and got a ticket from the machine with a time stamp of 6:11. The sign said no parking 4 to 6 pm, since it was past 6 pm, I could buy a ticket and park.

I went to the store I had been trying to find and bought 2 Dunny’s (trendy hard to find figurines that I will talk about in a later blog). I returned to my car and found a $40 parking ticket for parking during restricted times (meaning 4 to 6), the ticket was issued at 6:16.

Now I have to go to the courthouse and ask for a trial date that I will not get for another 6 to 8 months, all because a parking enforcement officer who was eager to make their quota did not look at his or her watch.

Store owners wonder why people do not want to shop downtown anymore and would rather go to the mall. It is all about the parking. The more difficult it becomes for people to park and the more over zealous the parking enforcement becomes, the less people will be shopping on Queen Street West.

With the exception of  going to my downtown Toronto office space where I have ample parking available, without fearing a $40 parking ticket I have to fight. Besides the great thing about parking at my office space Toronto is that I pay it monthly and can use it when ever I go to a game at the Rogers Centre or a concert at the Air Canada Centre.