Another hot day in Toronto. As I sit here in my air conditioned  downtown Toronto office space,  I am fully aware that it is still hot outside on day 5 of this heat wave. I am however watching as a large number of people are getting on the ferry boats and going over to the Toronto Islands.

I am considering stepping out of the office and taking the ferry boat across to the islands myself. But then again, I am also considering finding a pub to watch the semi final game of the world cup between Germany and Spain, to decide who will take on the Netherlands in the world cup final. I will be cheering for Germany, not because I took German back in high school, but I think it will be a great match between the Dutch and the Deutsch.

Some other tenants at my Toronto office space are choosing to watch the world cup semi final match on the giant plasma TV in the South East boardroom. While the screen is great for meetings, it works well as a TV too.

Speaking of going to a pub to watch the game, I have noticed these past few days that more people are opting not to sit on the patio of restaurants and bars, but to go inside the air conditioned establishment and relax there instead.  The end to this heat wave does not seem to be until Friday, but then is expected to start getting warm again on Saturday.