Where did those heat waves go?  The weather of the last week and this Labour Day weekend has many almost wishing we had those heat waves back.

It was only in the last week of August, just when we thought we could enjoy the last weeks of summer without melting, along came another heat wave. The City of Toronto issued an extreme heat alert due to temperatures rising over 30 degrees Celsius, with the humidex factor it was almost 40 degrees.

Not only Toronto, but most of Ontario was baking under high temperatures again. The humidex advisory that was affecting Toronto also stretches from Windsor to Kingston and east to Ottawa and north to Muskoka.

During the  extreme heat a week ago, I decided to be kind on the environment and not contribute to the smog levels by taking transit instead of driving my car to my downtown Toronto office space. It was a good thing that the buses I had to take were air conditioned, otherwise I would have gone back home to get my air conditioned car.

Instead of taking the bus that stops right in front of my office at One Yonge Street (where I have my office space for lease Toronto), I opted to take the bus that let me off just north of my downtown office space and take the 5 minute walk. That was probably not the best choice on a sweltering day like it was last week, but this week I would need a sweater to take that walk.

Now with fall like weather (while technically still summer) and most people returning to work from summer holidays or just the Labour Day weekend, I am not looking forward to my commute down the Don Valley Parkway on Tuesday.  I am thinking that once again, I may just take the TTC and let them do the driving.