Here in Toronto Halloween was not filled with the typical shenanigans and according to police it was uneventful. At my door, the numbers of “Trick or Treaters” seemed to be down. This may be because of Halloween falling on a Sunday night.

One person got a real “treat” on Sunday, that was Lee Westwood. Westwood overtook Tiger Woods as golf’s No. 1 player. This leaves many to speculate that the fall out from Tiger Wood past “tricks” are distracting Woods.

Most will say that Halloween is for kids. A chance for them to go out in search of “trick or treats”, but also a chance for adults to decorated and theme their homes. In some neighborhoods, you would see a whole block that got together to make their street the most Halloween themed. Even in the coffee room of my downtown Toronto office space on Friday, there were people talking about the elaborate decorations they were doing in anticipation of Halloween.

This got me thinking about the “tricks” that some of the competitors of my Toronto office space use to attract Toronto virtual office space clients. Finding the truth in the advertisements when it comes to places like Craigslist is no “treat”.