Accessibility has different meanings for different people, especially in business. For most of us, accessibility means being able to get to our home or business quickly with a minimum of aggravation and stress. It doesn’t matter if we’re driving, cycling or using public transit. To a person with physical disabilities, accessibility also means working in a building with wheelchair-accessible ramps, special parking areas, pushbutton doorways and so on. So, for many successful business people, accessible Toronto office space, means a modern building constructed for maximum convenience and ease of movement that is not too time-consuming to travel to and from. Surprisingly, some of the more accessible office space Toronto locations are situated in Toronto’s core!

So yes, the actual building location is very important if you’re looking to find accessible office space Toronto, especially downtown. No sense spending hours and hours travelling to and from your workplace, enduring crowded subways and buses, or congested, annoying traffic conditions. The ideal is to be close to where the action is – both in your business life and your social life. But to find this kind of Toronto office space is often a challenge at the best of times.

Telsec Business Centres, located at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building), Suite 1801 (18th floor), is an excellent choice for downtown accessible office space Toronto. The building itself has a full ramp at its Yonge St. entrance and its interior provides maximum mobility for persons with disabilities. As far as location, it’s an upscale office space Toronto landmark that’s just minutes away from GO, VIA Rail, subway, buses and streetcar transit. It also boasts fast, easy access to major streets and highways as well as safe, secure and inexpensive parking. It’s minutes from the Toronto Island Airport and there is an express bus nearby that will take you to Pearson International Airport. It’s also just minutes away from downtown shopping, upscale restaurants, the Air Canada Centre, Rogers Centre, the theatre district, Toronto Islands…..the list goes on! In other words, access to a lot more than you might imagine. Keep up with Telsec on Facebook and click on the like button on our homepage