A college buddy is in town this week from Surrey, British Columbia. As we were catching up on what was new in our lives, I learned that his 18 year old son was attending the University of Toronto. What was more interesting was the fact his son was paying his own way through university from the money he was making from his budding business on the Internet. It seems he created some unique T-Shirt designs that became popular with all the kids.

The conversation came back to this blog that I write and my friend asked me about getting a office space for lease Toronto for his son to take his business to the next level. I pointed out to him that his son did not really need a physical Toronto office space, but he would best served by having a Toronto virtual office. This way his clients could see that he had a prestigious business address at 1 Yonge Street and their calls were answered by a live professional receptionist. During school hours his calls could be directed to his voice mail and outside of school hours, his calls could be sent directly to his cell phone.