Red staplerYesterday I received a very odd piece of mail at my Toronto office space. There was no return address on the envelope only an Initech logo (yes the fictitious software company in the movie “Office Space”). What made the envelope weirder was that it was stapled shut.

When I finally opened the envelope, I found a pink slip of paper that had been purposely wrinkled to look like it had been scrunched up and thrown away. It had my name on it and it was a notice to inform me that my services at Initech would no longer be needed. Stapled to the pink slip was a letter.

The letter explained that it was an invitation to an “Office Space” themed party sometime in mid April. I was impressed that the pink slip had been personalized by inserting my name; I was even more impressed that the letter was quite personalized. It explained that the reason I was being invited was because the party organizer was a follower of my blogs (, tweets @TelsecDotNet (!/TelsecDotNet) and facebook ( postings. They especially liked that I had written a lot of humour connecting or disconnecting Office Space Toronto from the movie “Office Space”.

The letter further explained that the company hosting the party was updating a bunch of equipment, so they decided to have an “Office Space” themed party and smash all the old stuff behind their warehouse. Unlike the printer smashing in the movie, all of the parts and pieces would be separated and recycled appropriately.

Unfortunately, the location of this “Office Space” party is in Vancouver (Washington) and my schedule with customer meetings at my downtown Toronto office space does not let me leave in April. I sent my regrets and asked if they would mind me trying to organize a similar style “Office Space Toronto” party complete with pink slip invitations. They replied that they would be honoured to see a similarly inspired party.