It is not often that I welcome rain, but in todays case, I am loving it.  I am looking forward to it warming up again,  just not the humidity that we experienced this week. When I am in my Toronto office space the heat and humidity are not a problem, as the office is climate controlled. It is the leaving of my office space Toronto and having to walk out to a wall of heat and humidity that is not fun. I am considering leaving my office early and heading up to the Esplanade to sit on a patio while the break in the weather permits me to enjoy sitting on a patio and not having to go inside the bar to enjoy a beer.

I just looked out my office window overlooking the Toronto Harbour and noticed that the sky is still cloudy, but not as dark as it was earlier. Hopefully this does not mean that the temperature will be sky rocketing again.

Even with this small break in the temperature, the City of Toronto is still planning to keep the cooling centers open. It seems that tomorrow the temperatures will climb again, as will the wave of humidity.