If you are having problems reaching the Bell Canada call centre in Scarborough today, blame Lotto Max.  Friday’s Lotto Max drawing for 50 million dollars was won with one ticket, that was jointly held by 19 Bell Canada call centre employees. Each of the wining ticket holders will take home about 2.4 million dollars each.  This is enough money for each of these workers to leave their jobs and take early retirement.

In some workplaces throughout North America, group lottery purchases have been banned by employers out of fears of losing an entire group of staff. Some companies have been left high and dry by a group of employees winning a lottery and quiting their jobs. Most recently 4 employees at Lethbridge Iron Works won a 16 million dollar 649 draw and decided not to return to work, this left the company scrambling to replace these 4 key workers. Another company in the USA lost 10 employees when they won a power ball lotto, the company had production problems for several weeks until they could hire and train new employees.

The upside to a large group of workers winning a lottery is that there may be some job openings at their company for those who want those jobs. This will have a ripple effect. When 19 high paid jobs are replaced with 19 new employees, 19 other jobs will also be opened in other companies. These jobs will go to people who have been looking for work during this economic downturn .

I have heard rumblings of office lotto pools at my downtown Toronto office space, but I have yet been invited to join the lotto pool. Unlike a group of employees winning the lottery, if a group of entrepreneurs win the jackpot, most would pay off their mortgages and re-invest in their businesses. The guy who has the shared office space would probably upgrade to a Toronto private offices package or Toronto Executive offices with a window. Personally if I won the lotto, I would keep my current office space at Telsec and sign up for an additional New York City office space, so I could book more photo shoots in New York City